IN control anywhere you choose

Multi Zone lifestyle

While you're watching a DVD or Blu-ray movie in INcredible, Denon high performance surround sound, your kids can be playing video games or listening to their favorite CD or iTunes library in another room or out in the backyard. Your IN-Command Series™ A/V Receiver lets you enjoy a program source in your Main Zone (the room where your receiver is located) and in one or two other rooms. The source can be the same for all zones, or you can enjoy two or three different sources in those zones if you prefer. Use the Denon Remote App to control all the zones from anywhere in the home.


Command your system and access your content easily with our clearly organized onscreen interface.

On Screen Interface

The Denon Remote App lets you easily and intuitively control your IN-Command Series™ A/V Receiver from your Wi-Fi enabled iDevice anywhere within the footprint of your home's wireless network. "Party Mode Plus" functionality combines every networked device in your house into one mega-network to enjoy internet radio and digital media content from your PC or DLNA-certified component around your home.

For those people looking for the most comprehensive home automation options, Denon IN-Command Series™ A/V Receivers integrate flawlessly with home control systems manufacturers like Control 4, AMX and Creston.

Control Partners

IN-Command Series™ A/V Receivers offer full integration with leading Control Partners to deliver unsurpassed control for your home.

Denon Remote App

Turn your system on (or off) and adjust volume. Switch sources and access your content effortlessly. Our free Remote App for iDevices lets you control your entire audio/visual system from the palm of your hand.