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Enjoy your favorite music tracks in blissful silence with Denon’s AH-NC732 noise isolating headphones, which feature Denon’s Acoustic Optimizer technology for the most natural and balanced tonal range, free from cavity-induced coloration. The noise canceling function reduces ambient noise up to an astonishing 99%, letting you enjoy your music in the air, on the train, or anywhere you wish. Powered by a single AAA battery (easily available on-the-go), the AH-NC732 provides up to 40 hours of noise canceling function, and the headphones can be used without the noise canceling function as well. For relaxation in a noisy environment, the headphones can be worn with just the noise canceling function activated. The compact, lightweight foldable headphones easily tuck into the supplied compact carrying case, and the AH-NC732 is equipped with two cable lengths, along with a dual airline adapter plug, and a standard ¼” headphone adapter plug, and the audio cables are iPhone/Touch compatible (no adapter required).


“Because its overall sound is well balanced and clearer than most, Denon’s AH-NC732 is easy for us to recommend, especially for listeners who will appreciate its compact, lightweight design. In particular, this Denon does a better than average job of cancelling out ambient noise while offering solid and well-defined bass and smooth, revealing mids.”  Chris Martens, Playback magazine, playback.avguide.com

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Model No. AH-NC732

MSRP: $299.99

  • Extended Warranty

    1 Year


  • Extended Warranty

    2 Year