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Denon's new DVM-2845CI has been enhanced with new features allowing it to integrate into today's modern audio video systems. Connection capabilities have been emphasized so that simple or complex systems are easy to do. The newly added HDMI v1.1 connector allows for one cable connection for both audio and video to so equipped A/V receivers and monitors, and internal scaling can be selected up to 1080p for today's high resolution displays. The 5.1 audio outputs provide clear and accurate audio performance of DVD movies and soundtracks and offer stunning DVD-A or SACD playback for audiophiles looking for that high-end sound.

For system integrators, the RS-232C serial port makes it easy to control this player from many third party system controllers allowing for custom menu screens. The serial remote I/O ports makes it possible to interconnect to existing IR controlled systems for simplified operation, or with hide away installations. The provided composite, S-Video and Component analog video connections allow for connection to older systems that don't have the benefit of today's digital HDMI video capabilities. Standard coaxial and optical SPDIF digital audio connections are also provided.

The DVM-2845CI offers many popular playback formats such as WMA and MP3 audio, for hours of music from a single disc. The JPEG, Fuji and Kodak video codecs allow for simple viewing of family pictures through your A/V system. Once you audition the DVM-2845CI at your authorized Denon retailer, you will agree this will be the player of choice for your home audio system. One-year warranty on Refurbished model.

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Model No. DVM-2845CI