Why Buy From Denon?

We want all audio and home theater enthusiasts to have the best listening experience possible. Adding a product to your cart will allow you to buy the product directly from us.

Get Any Denon Product That You Need
We value our Custom Installers and Dealers, but some dealers don’t carry all of our products.Denon’s online site offers all of our products, from headphones to amplifiers and everything in between (subject to availability).

Free Shipping on ALL Orders
When you buy directly from Denon, you get FREE shipping on all purchases. We’ll ship the product the same or next business day, as long as the product is in stock.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
We believe in our products and are confident that you can find a Denon solution that fits your needs. It’s great to see a product online, or even in person at a store, but you don’t know if the product is really what you’re looking for until you take it home, set it up, and listen. We understand that and want to make sure that you have the best sound and home theater experience possible. So if the product isn’t right for you, return it and get that product that does work for you.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your product within 30 days of your initial purchase, call us, and we’ll even pay the shipping to take the product back.

World Class Customer Service and Customer Ordering
Denon’s customer service team is second to none, with their level of technical product knowledge and ability to solve customer challenges (there are no problems – only challenges in their world). Our team can help you choose the best product to fit your needs, then set it up when you get it home.

You can call us directly at 855.MY.DENON and place your order, or if you’re just looking to comparison shop, they love to chat. We hear that they play a mean game of ping pong too.

Customer Service representatives are available from 9 am to 8 pm EST. You can also email them anytime at onlinesupport@denon.com.