Audio Headphones

When you're shopping for audio headphones, sound quality is obviously the main thing to look for. But it's important also to consider the comfort of the headphones, as well as whether the headphones offer features that are well suited to your lifestyle. Fortunately, Denon makes the choice easy by offering audio headphones that exceed all your expectations.

Audio Headphones Sound Quality

Denon has long been known for making some of the world's finest high fidelity audio equipment. We've now brought that tradition of precision craftsmanship and superior sound quality to our new line of audio headphones. While all Denon headphones sound great, we know that different listeners have different listening habits and preferences. That's why we offer several headphone styles with sound profiles tailored to different types of users:

  • Denon luxury traveler headphones provide exceptional noise reduction to block out the sounds of engines and other passengers.
  • Denon fitness headphones deliver a big, energizing sound from a super lightweight form factor.
  • Denon high performance headphones provide state-of-art driver technology and acoustic design for the best possible sound quality. We offer studio-quality audiophile headphones with flat EQ tuning for acoustic transparency, as well as bass-heavy high performance headphones that deliver unbeatable sound for genres like hip-hop and techno.

Audio Headphones Comfort

If sound quality is the number one criteria when choosing audio headphones, comfort is a close second. Denon's comfortable headphones let you feel the music and not the headphones. Our over-ear models feature 360-degree articulating ear cups, memory foam ear pads, and adjustable headbands to perfectly fit your individual contours. And our lightweight in-ear models all come with multiple ear tips so you can choose the tips that best fit your own ears.

Audio Headphones Features

Along with sound quality and comfort, you should also consider how you intend to use your music headphones, and look for headphones with features well-suited to your needs. For example:

  • All of Denon's audio headphones are compatible with smartphones and personal media players as well as home stereos. Denon's audio headphones make great iPhone® headphones, iPod® headphones, or headphones for iPad®, Android® phones, and so on.
  • Our travel headphones and our fitness headphones both support Bluetooth 3.0, for wireless connectivity to your smartphone or any other Bluetooth-capable player.
  • Denon fitness headphones feature air-cushioned, sweat-proof ear pieces, anti-microbial ear tips, and a reflective neckband for added safety during early morning or evening runs.
  • All of Denon's audio headphones have supporting apps that you can download from the App Store or Google Play to individualize your listening experience.

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