Comfortable Headphones

When you're listening to music on audio headphones, sound quality is paramount but comfort is a close second. The more comfortable the headphones, the more fully you can lose yourself in the music. And comfortable headphones are a must if you're moving while you listen, or if you're listening for a long time.

At Denon, we believe you should feel the music and not the headphones. We offer music lovers a variety of supremely comfortable headphones, in over-ear styles as well as in-ear styles.

Comfortable Headphones to Wear Over Your Ears

With over-ear phones, comfort is mostly about the ear pads. In creating our new line of over-ear, ultra- comfortable headphones, Denon's engineers studied thousands of pairs of ears from people around the world to come up with an ear pad design that best accommodates the subtle differences in ear size, placement, and shape. Our patent-pending pentagonally-shaped memory foam ear pads provide the ultimate in comfort, while the adjustable headband and articulating ear cup allow a perfect custom fit to your head.

Denon's over-ear comfortable headphones come in several models tailored to different listening experiences and lifestyles:

  • Denon Music Maniac™ audiophile headphones provide pristine quality sound reproduction, for the sound professional or purist.
  • Denon Urban Raver™ high quality headphones deliver outstanding bass performance, ideal for the DJ or the clubber.
  • Denon Globe Cruiser™ luxury mobile headphones are designed for the business traveler and provide Bluetooth wireless support as well as active noise cancellation in a hybrid over-ear/on-ear form factor.

Comfortable Headphones to Wear In Your Ears

Some music enthusiasts prefer the lightweight comfort and portability of in-ear headphones. Denon's in-ear comfortable headphones are available in a variety of styles including:

  • Denon Exercise Freak™ Bluetooth wireless, in-ear comfortable headphones, ideal as running headphones or as headphones for working out in the gym.
  • Denon Music Maniac headphones with dual-balanced armature drivers, the in-ear version of our studio quality professional headphones.
  • Denon Urban Raver headphones with patent-pending Double Air Compression Driver™ technology to deliver heavyweight bass sound from a lightweight form factor.
  • Denon Globe Cruiser sound isolating Bluetooth wireless headphones, the in-ear version of our luxury business traveler headphones.

For in-ear models to be truly comfortable headphones, the key is great-fitting ear tips. Denon Music Maniac, Urban Raver, and Globe Cruiser headphones come complete with Comply™ foam ear tips as well as multiple sizes of silicon ear tips. Exercise Freak headphones feature multiple sizes of anti-microbial silicon ear tips as well as air cushions on the ear stabilizer pieces, to help keep you coolly comfortable while you work out.

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