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The iPhone® is one of the most versatile personal electronic devices ever made, perfectly complementing a wide variety of lifestyles including your own. Why throw off your iPhone's perfect fit to your lifestyle with a pair of "one-type-for-all" earphones for iPhone? Denon's new line of earphones for iPhone features a variety of models each tailored to different types of users and different listening experiences. With Denon earphones for iPhone, you can choose the earphones that are just right for your lifestyle.

Wireless Fitness Earphones for iPhone

Denon Exercise Freak™ headphones are designed for the fitness fanatic who wants to listen to their favorite tunes while running, cycling, training, or working out at the gym. With these Bluetooth wireless earphones for iPhone you can exercise to music without any cables to cramp your style. With air-cushioned earpieces and built-in remote controls and microphone so you can wirelessly control your iPhone, these great-sounding, ultra-lightweight fitness headphones pump up your workout without getting in your way.

Wireless Travel Earphones for iPhone

For the business traveler, the plane or train can be a place to get some work done or enjoy a bit of relaxation – if you can separate yourself from the noise and distractions around you. Denon's Globe Cruiser™ wireless headphones for phone were built for today's multi-tasking road warriors. Available in on-ear or in-ear styles, Globe Cruiser earphones for iPhone feature advanced noise reduction and built-in remote controls and microphones, coupled with luxurious styling. Ideal for the businessperson using their smartphone as a mobile workstation and entertainment center, Globe Cruiser headphones make great earphones for Android as well as for iPhone and other iOS devices.

Bass-Kicking Earphones for iPhone

If hip hop or club music is your thing, Denon's Urban Raver™ 'phones are your earphones for iPhone. With an integrated power amplifier and bass-heavy tuning, these killer music headphones deliver bone-jarring bass that will make you feel like you're standing next to the speakers at the club. Available in over-ear or in-ear models, Urban Raver iPhone headphones offer edgy styling to go along with their powerhouse sound.

Audiophile Earphones for iPhone

Do you have a passion for transparent acoustics that reproduce the source recording as purely and naturally as possible? So do we. We made our Music Maniac™ high definition headphones especially for the audiophile. Tuned to a flat EQ and delivering best-in-class driver technology, Denon Music Maniac headphones are available in over-ear or in-ear models. Ideal for professional studio or high fidelity home stereo use, these audiophile earphones also make outstanding earphones for iPhone or other iOS devices.

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