HD Headphones

For the true audiophile, few things rival the pleasures of HD headphones. HD headphones immerse you in music like no other listening experience, bringing to vivid life every note and nuance and revealing that your favorite artists and songs are even more amazing than you'd thought.

Denon's new HD headphones are for people like you who appreciate that great music, conveyed with exceptional clarity, is one of life's treasures.

HD Headphones from Denon: Passion Meets Perfection

At Denon, our passion for sound quality often crosses the line into outright obsession. Our new Music Maniac™ AH-D600 high definition headphones were precision-crafted for the audiophile who knows this same joyful obsession. Scaling new heights in high fidelity sound reproduction, these over-ear audiophile headphones are exceptional in every detail:

  • Denon's innovative 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber drivers power these HD headphones with the performance of a premium box loudspeaker.
  • A 5Hz to 45kHz frequency response with 108dB/mW sensitivity enables Music Maniac headphones to reproduce a maximum range of frequencies accurately and cleanly, making them ideal for use as professional headphones.
  • Music Maniac HD headphones are tuned to a perfectly flat EQ for the most faithful reproduction of the source recording.
  • Denon's patent-pending pentagonally-shaped memory foam ear pads provide exceptional comfort and acoustics.
  • Detachable 10-foot oxygen-free copper (OFC) cabling connects to both ear cups for superior sound; and there's also a 3-foot cable in case you want to use your HD headphones as on-the-go headphones for iPod® or headphones for iPhone®.

Music Maniac Artisan HD Headphones

To elevate your HD headphones listening experience to even greater heights, Denon offers the Music Maniac Artisan AH-D7100. These top-of-line HD headphones provide all the audiophile-grade features of the AH-D600, plus:

  • African mahogany wood ear cups, to produce the finest possible acoustics and sound in the same way that the best quality woods make for the best-sounding stringed instruments.
  • 5Hz to 45kHz frequency range with 110dB/mW sensitivity – even more sensitive than the AH-D600 model.
  • 7N-OFC (99.99999% oxygen-free copper) cabling.
  • A sleek and stylish display stand, so that when you're not using these high quality headphones to lose yourself in your favorite music, you can treat them like the work of art that they are.

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