Headphones for Cell Phones

Your cell phone is your instant connection to pretty much any music in the world. But what connects you to your cell phone, so you can revel in that musical treasure trove? There are those dime-store, ear bud style headphones for cell phones, but don't you and your music deserve better?

If you who live for music and want outstanding sound quality from your phone headphones, Denon is the brand for you. Known worldwide for our high fidelity audio components, Denon now offers a complete line of headphones for cell phones featuring different models tailored to different lifestyles.

Lightweight, Wireless Workout Headphones for Cell Phones

Denon Exercise Freak™ headphones for cell phones are designed for the fitness fanatic who knows that nothing fuels a workout like great-sounding music. Lightweight and sweat-proof, these workout headphones support Bluetooth wireless connectivity to your smartphone so you don't get caught up in cable while you're exercising. The first wireless fitness headphones from a high fidelity brand, Exercise Freak headphones for cell phones are ideal as headphones for running, cycling, hitting the gym, training for your sport, or doing yoga.

Noise-Reducing, Wireless Travel Headphones for Cell Phones

When you're traveling on business, you've got a much better chance of making good use of your time on the plane or the train if you can block out the noise that's around you. Denon Globe Cruiser™ headphones for cell phones provide exceptional noise reduction as well as Bluetooth wireless connectivity. These luxury mobile headphones offer lightweight portability and sophisticated styling, and are available in an over-ear, noise cancelling model as well as an in-ear, noise isolating model.

High Performance Headphones for Cell Phones

If you don't need wireless connectivity but do want superb performance from your headphones, Denon offers two types of high performance headphones tailored to different musical preferences. Denon Music Maniac™ headphones are for the professional or audiophile who wants pristine, acoustically transparent sound reproduction. Designed primarily for the studio or for use with high fidelity home stereos, they can also be used as headphones for phones. Denon Urban Raver™ headphones are built to deliver huge bass performance for bottom-heavy genres like hip-hop or club music. Like the Music Maniac headphones, they're professional grade and studio-ready, but you can also enjoy them as headphones for iPhone or headphones for Android.

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