High Definition Headphones

In today's world of hype and hyperbole, audio equipment manufacturers are quick to toss around terms like "high definition" in connection with their audio headphones. At Denon, with our century-long heritage of producing premier audio components, we're far too serious about sound quality to use labels like high definition lightly. When we say that we proudly offer high definition headphones for the sound professional or the audiophile, it's because our headphones combine innovative engineering and exceptional performance specs to deliver pristine sound reproduction and a uniquely vivid listening experience.

High Definition Headphones: Perfection in Sound

Denon's Music Maniac™ AH-D600 high definition headphones are for music lovers who are every bit as obsessive about sound quality as our audio engineers. In every aspect of design, technology, and craftsmanship, Music Maniac HD headphones are made to deliver the most natural, acoustically transparent sound reproduction possible:

  • Extending our tradition of developing break-through driver technologies, Denon's exclusive 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber drivers deliver unprecedented sonic clarity and dynamic range.
  • Music Maniac AH-D600 high definition headphones provide an ultra-wide 5Hz to 45kHz frequency response with a sensitivity of 108dB/mW.
  • Flat EQ tuning ensures truly faithful reproduction of the sound source.
  • 10-foot long detachable oxygen-free copper (OFC) cabling provides superior conductivity

While Denon Music Maniac high definition headphones are ideal for use as professional headphones in the studio or as home stereo headphones for the audiophile, they also include a 3-foot cable so you can use them on-the-go as headphones for iPod or iPhone or as headphones for Android.

High Definition Headphones: Science Meets Art

For an even more exquisite high definition headphones experience, there's also the Denon Music Maniac Artisan AH-D7100. The Artisan provides all the same best-in-class features as the AH-D600, plus:

  • Real African mahogany wood ear cups, for truly exceptional acoustics and sensitivity (think of the high quality wood that goes into the best violins or hollow-bodied guitars).
  • 5Hz to 45kHz frequency range with 110dB/mW sensitivity – even more sensitive than our AH-D600 high quality headphones.
  • 7N-OFC (99.99999% oxygen-free copper) cabling.
  • A contemporary, stylish display stand, so even when you're not using your Music Maniac Artisan high definition headphones, you can steal glances at them and look forward to your next high definition music experience.

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