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Just as there are many different styles of music, so too are there many types of music lovers. That's why Denon's new line of music headphones features a variety of models, each tailored to different lifestyles. As you'd expect from an audio maker that produces some of the world's best high fidelity stereo systems, all of Denon's music headphones are precision crafted and sound great. Beyond the common ground of quality craftsmanship and superior sound, each style of Denon audio headphones offers features oriented towards particular listening habits and preferences.

Music Headphones for the Frequent Traveler

Denon's Globe Cruiser™ music headphones were designed for today's business traveler, with features including:

  • Noise reduction (available in two models: on-ear, noise cancelling headphones; or in-ear, noise isolating ear phones – both of which block ambient noise more effectively than noise cancelling earbuds)
  • Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless connectivity
  • Integrated microphone and remote controls
  • Easy portability and sophisticated styling

Music Headphones for Sports and Fitness

Our Exercise Freak™ music headphones were made for running, cycling, working out at the gym, or doing yoga. These sports and fitness music headphones offer:

  • Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity
  • An ultra-lightweight, sweatproof design, available in three different colors
  • Integrated microphone and remote controls
  • Air-cushioned ear pieces, anti-microbial ear tips, and a reflective neck band

Music Headphones for the Studio Pro or Audiophile

Denon Music Maniac™ head phones provide reference standard sound quality for the studio professional or the discriminating audiophile. The over-ear version of these high definition music headphones includes features like:

  • Denon's exclusive 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber drivers
  • Detachable 10ft OFC cabling (and a separate 3ft cable with inline controls for use as iPod® headphones or with iPhone® or iPad®)
  • Acoustically perfect ear cups (in African mahogany for our top-of-line Artisan model)

The in-ear version of the Music Maniac features dual-balanced armature drivers. The over-ear and in-ear models are both tuned to a flat EQ for acoustic transparency.

Music Headphones that Bump the Bass

Denon Urban Raver™ music headphones are engineered for maximum performance on bass-heavy genres like hip-hop and club music. The over-ear version of these high performance music headphones includes features such as:

  • 50mm drivers
  • Integrated power amplifier
  • Contemporary styling with adjustable blue LEDs on the outside of the ear cups

The in-ear model of the Urban Raver has a patent-pending design that packs two drivers into each ear piece. Both models are tuned for maximum bass performance without sacrificing clarity.

All Denon music headphones are compatible with major smartphone brands. If you use your Denon music headphones as headphones for Android® or iPhone®, you can download a Denon smartphone app made just for your chosen headphone style that lets you customize your listening experience.

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