Noise Reducing Headphones

The days of work being confined to the office are long gone. Today, work comes on the road with you and home with you – and with that work comes the need to concentrate, block out distractions, and stay in the zone. With Denon's new Globe Cruiser noise reducing headphones, "the zone" can move with you, wherever you need to go.

Noise Reducing Headphones for People Serious About Sound

No disrespect to the other folks on the plane or train, but sometimes you need to focus, or savor a well-earned moment of relaxation. And when you're home, as much as you love your significant other (and if you've got 'em, your kids) – let's face it, there are times when you really need to direct all your attention to that project, or maybe even that book you've been meaning to read.

At Denon, we've been serious about sound for over a hundred years. We know how it feels to want to hear just the music and nothing else, and that's exactly the experience that our new Globe Cruiser noise reducing headphones deliver. Our over ear Globe Cruiser model features an integrated amplifier and advanced active noise control circuitry that drives the best noise cancelling performance on the market. If you prefer in ear headphones, Denon Global Cruiser in ear sound isolating headphones include an integrated amp and multiple ear tips to choose from so you can get the perfect, sealing fit that keeps music in and everything else out.

Globe Cruiser Noise Reducing Headphones: Your New Favorite Travel Companion?

Denon Globe Cruiser noise reducing headphones are ideal for the business road warrior looking to create a bubble of calm amid the cacophony of travel. As travel headphones, Global Cruiser shines with built-for-the-road features like:

  • Bluetooth 3.0 wireless headphone connectivity so you can move freely without getting tangled in cables.
  • A patent-pending, on-ear control wheel that lets you play or pause music, adjust the volume, and answer a call without having to dig for your smartphone.
  • An ear-piece based microphone so you can participate in a conference call, dictate an email, or tell Siri® what's on your mind.
  • Sophisticated styling befitting business traveler-oriented noise reducing headphones – so you can groove to the music without looking like a teenager.
  • The Denon Travel App, available on iOS or Android platforms. The perfect complement to headphones for travel, this app lets you create custom playlists, tune in to internet radio stations worldwide, and access popular travel apps through a convenient portal.

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