Sound Canceling Headphones

Sound canceling headphones are a great way to erase external noise so you can relax to music or concentrate on what you're doing, regardless of what's going on around you. With a few manufacturers to choose from, how can you zero in on just the right pair of sound canceling headphones?

What to Look for in Sound Canceling Headphones

When choosing a pair of sound canceling headphones, here are the main criteria to keep in mind:

  • Active noise control circuitry. True sound canceling headphones work by detecting ambient noise, determining the sound wave pattern of that noise, and then creating inverse sound waves that "cancel" out the ambient sound waves. (By contrast, sound isolating headphones simply block external noise by forming a tight seal in your ear canal, like ear plugs.) Precise and durable active noise control circuitry is what you're looking for here, and since there aren't alot of specs by which to judge this your best bet is to stick with a manufacturer that you trust when it comes to precision audio technology.
  • Sound quality. After negating ambient noise, what noise canceling earphones leave you with is the sound of your music. Here you can go by vendor reputation and the usual specs such as driver size and frequency range – but ideally you'll want to find a dealer that sells the sound canceling headphones you're interested in and give them an in-person sound check.
  • Comfort. Particularly if you plan to use them as travel headphones, you'll want to carefully choose sound canceling headphones that will feel comfortable throughout a long flight.
  • Functionality. Beyond the essentials of good noise cancellation, great sound, and comfort, consider what else the sound canceling headphones will do for you. Headphones vary widely in the advanced functionality they offer.

Sound Canceling Headphones from the Sound Quality Fanatics at Denon

At Denon, our century-long obsession with sound reproduction quality has earned us a reputation as one of the world's leading makers of high fidelity audio components. That fanatical pursuit of pure audio fidelity carries over into our new Globe Cruiser™ sound canceling headphones:

  • Our Denon 99% noise canceling circuitry precisely and reliably negates ambient noise, leaving you alone with the music you love.
  • With 40mm drivers, a 5Hz to 37kHz frequency range, and exceptional engineering, Globe Cruiser noise reducing headphones deliver the superb sound quality that you'd expect from Denon.
  • With a unique over-ear/on-ear hybrid design that makes them lighter than most sound canceling headphones, Denon Globe Cruiser headphones are the perfect companion for that long trip.
  • Denon Globe Cruisers are wireless headphones that work with any Bluetooth capable smartphone or player. They feature integrated wireless player controls and dual microphones in the earpieces; they fold flat and easy into a handy travel case; and unlike some sound canceling headphones, they support a passive mode so you can listen to music even after the long-lasting rechargeable battery runs down.

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