Sound Isolating Headphones

A good pair of sound isolating headphones can free your mind from the noises and nuisances in your surroundings. Denon's new Globe Cruiser™ sound isolating headphones provide superior isolation, exceptional sound, wireless convenience, and features tailored to today's multi-tasking business traveler.

How Sound Isolating Headphones Fend Off External Noise

Sound isolating headphones work by forming a snug seal in your outer ear canal so that external noise can't reach your hearing. This contrasts with sound canceling headphones, a different type of noise reduction headphones that actively emit sound waves that interfere with sound waves originating from ambient noise. With sound isolating headphones, it's essential that the fit of the ear tips be exactly right for your ear canals – snug enough to keep out external noise, yet still comfortable for long listening sessions.

With Denon Globe Cruiser sound isolating headphones we make sure you get the perfect fit by giving you plenty of high quality ear tips of different types and sizes:

  • Comply™ Foam ear tips, which conform to your ear canals
  • Four sizes of silicon ear tips – XS, S, M, L

Of course, it's important to ask of any noise isolating headphones you're thinking of buying: once you're isolated from noise, how good is the rest of the headphone experience?

Sound Isolating Headphones from People Passionate About Sound

A passion for high fidelity sound reproduction has been the driving force behind Denon's success for more than a century. We make some of the world's best audio components, and we've brought that same passion and advanced engineering to our new Globe Cruiser headphones. Denon noise reducing headphones don't just keep noise out – they make your favorite music sound better than you've ever heard it sound.

Wireless Convenience and Freedom

You're looking for sound isolating headphones because you don't want the distractions of noisy surroundings. So why have distracting wires dangling from your head? Denon Globe Cruiser stereo headphones support Bluetooth 3.0 for wireless connectivity to your iPhone®, iPad®, or other Bluetooth-capable player. With Globe Cruiser Bluetooth headphones you not only get wireless music transmission from your player to the headphones, you can also control your player wirelessly using controls built into the earpieces.

Relax... or Work, If You Must

With outside noise vanquished, great sound quality, and wireless freedom, you may just want to groove to your favorite music. But if you have to, you can use the wireless microphone built into the Globe Cruiser ear piece to talk to a co-worker, participate in a conference call, or dictate an email. Just get it over with quickly so you can get back to the music.

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