Sports Headphones

A recent study found that listening to music while you work out can noticeably improve your performance. Denon's Exercise Freak sports headphones pump your favorite jams in your ears so you can keep the adrenaline flowing. You've experienced it first-hand; cranking up the volume just before getting a few extra reps while listening to a song from your game day playlist.

Denon's new Exercise Freak™ sports headphones are made for you.

Denon Sports Headphones: The Sound of Victory

At Denon we are notorious for making some of the world's best high fidelity home stereo system components and HD headphones. We're obsessive with premium sound quality, and now we've taken what we know about making superior audio equipment and applied it to our new Exercise Freak sports headphones. The result is a powerfully winning stereo sound that will motivate you to do another set or pick up the pace on your final lap.

Wireless Sports Headphones

You've had sports headphones with wires that twist, tangle, tug and even prevent you from doing certain workouts. Why let your headphones ruin your workout? Denon Exercise Freak workout headphones have built-in Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless connectivity which lets you connect to your music without a leash. The fuel to your fire shouldn't interfere with your progress. Don't let the inevitable disconnection from a constant twist, tangle or tug interrupt your grind.

Sports Headphones Comfort, Convenience, and More

Denon's sport headphones are designed to let you focus on your music-fueled workout and getting results:

  • Don't want to be weighed down or slowed down? Exercise Freak headphones are ultra-light and aerodynamic – ideal earphones for running and perfect any plyometric or explosive workout.
  • Eliminate the slightest irritation from your sports headphones while you separate from the competition. Exercise Freak headphones are the ultimate in comfort, with ventilating air cushions on the earpieces, a flexible neckband, and a set of different-sized anti-microbial ear tips to choose from so you don't have to take a break just to rub relief into your ears.
  • Want to conveniently pause the music or adjust the volume? With Exercise Freak in ear headphones, remote controls for your smartphone are built right into the earpieces so you can keep your music in your ears while the intensity rises in your workout.
  • You no longer have to come to a complete stop when an important phone call comes in the middle of your workout. The microphone built into our Exercise Freak sports headphones allows you to have a quick conversation without losing your groove.
  • The game changing ability of Denon's Exercise Freak workout headphones is complemented by the new Denon Sport app for smartphones that's packed with features to help you elevate your peak performance.

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