Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth has been a great development for music lovers. With stereo Bluetooth headphones, you can listen to your enjoy your favorite tracks without being tied down or tangled up in wires. For the music lover, there's just one thing better than stereo Bluetooth headphones, and that's stereo Bluetooth headphones that deliver exceptional sound quality and features that are perfect for your particular lifestyle.

Stereo Bluetooth Headphones, New from Denon

At Denon, our passion for music has fueled our creation of some of the world's best high fidelity audio components. That same passion for great sound can now be heard in our new lines of stereo Bluetooth headphones. All our stereo Bluetooth headphones feature exceptional design and precision craftsmanship to make your music sound better than you've ever heard it before. And all our Bluetooth headphones feature integrated remote controls and microphones so you can interface with your Bluetooth-supporting smartphone wirelessly.

Beyond the common ground of premium sound quality and integrated remote controls, Denon's different lines of Bluetooth stereo headphones are custom-tailored to fit different uses and lifestyles.

Stereo Bluetooth Headphones for Sports and Fitness

We designed our new Exercise Freak™ stereo Bluetooth headphones specially for the sports or fitness enthusiast who wants to hear their personal music while they work out, without any hassle or fuss. Along with easy Bluetooth wireless connectivity, these ultra-lightweight Denon fitness headphones feature air cushioned earpieces, anti-microbial ear tips, and a reflective neckband to make you safer when you're using your Exercise Freaks as earphones for running alongside roads. The downloadable Denon Sport smartphone app lets you log your workouts and use your phone's GPS to plan a running or cycling course and track your distance, pace, elevation, and calories burned.

Stereo Bluetooth Headphones for the Business Traveler

Denon Globe Cruiser stereo Bluetooth headphones are designed for today's on-the-go businessperson wanting some peace and privacy while they travel. These luxury earphones for travel don't just deliver superior wireless sound quality – they also spare you from external noise like airplane engines or nearby conversations. Available in an on-ear, noise cancelling model or an in-ear, noise isolating model, Globe Cruiser stereo Bluetooth headphones have sophisticated styling and come complete with travel case, airline adapter, and audio cable for those times when flight attendants ask passengers not to use wireless devices. There's also the Denon Travel app for smartphones, packed with features to help you make the most of your music and your travel experience.

While we designed Exercise Freak headphones for working out and Globe Cruiser headphones for travel, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying them as wireless headphones for TV or any time you want high quality sound without the hassle of wires.

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