Lifestyle Concept

Early in the afternoon on a weekend.
You feel the gentle breeze blowing through the open window as you lounge on the sofa.
You desire nothing more than to savor the scent of the afternoon breeze while enjoying your favorite music.
With such luxury, who’d need a fully equipped sound studio?
Denon's high-performance MUSIC MANIAC headphones can make it happen. The master craftsmanship that goes into each and every headphone unit is sure to bring a smile to any audiophile's face.
Beautiful sound brought to you in an amazing style. Music maniacs, look no further.

Denon Sport App

Designed to enhance the listening experience with Denon’s new line of Music Maniac headphones, the Denon Audio app is designed for the on-the-go audiophile. The Denon Audio app features a premium audio player that lets you experience the best possible sound quality from your iPod music library and favorite Internet radio stations. Create & save custom EQ curves, create & save instant playlists, enjoy internet radio stations via the built-in TuneIn service, and more. The Denon Audio app will quickly replace all of your other music apps.