September 09, 2005

Introducing Six New 7-Channel Models, Offering Ideal Entertainment Solutions for Every Consumer Need and Budget

Pine Brook, NJ, September 9, 2005 — DENON ELECTRONICS, ONE OF THE WORLD’S PREMIER MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH-QUALITY HOME THEATER RECEIVERS, IS LEADING THE WAY IN THE ERA OF GREAT HOME THEATER SURROUND SOUND WITH A REVAMPED LINE OF ADVANCED AUDIO/VIDEO RECEIVERS. The entire line, including six new models, will be on display at CEDIA 2005 at the company’s Booth #380. Denon’s six new receivers include: the AVR-4306 (SRP: $1,999); AVR-3806 (SRP: $1,299); AVR-2106 (SRP: $699); AVR-1906 (SRP: $549); AVR-1706 (SRP: $449) and AVR-1506 (SRP: $299). These new models join the recently introduced flagship THX Ultra 2-certified AVR-4806 (SRP: $3,500) to complete Denon’s lineup of seven advanced A/V receivers. In addition, Denon also offers the breakthrough AVR-5805 (SRP: $6,000), a 22-channel home entertainment distribution solution that provides users with an unprecedented four-zone home theater experience.

With high-performance models geared toward every consumer need and budget, Denon’s receiver lineup for 2005 reflects the company’s new corporate mantra: Power. Precision. Passion. Performance. With Dolby Digital Surround EX Decoding, Dolby Pro Logic IIx and support for other popular audio/video formats, all Denon receivers combine superb sound quality with expanded audio/video control and interoperability features. All units, for instance, include IR remote in/out terminals for integrated system control, and many models also include serial ports for RS-232C protocol control and assignable 12V trigger controls. In addition, all models with the exception of the AVR-1506 feature assignable amplifier configuration for either 7.1-channel surround operation or 5.1 surround with an amplified second zone. And for unmatched simplicity of video connectivity and switching, all Denon receivers now feature video-up conversion that converts composite and/or S-video sources to component video without compromising video quality.

AVR-4306: Advanced Features and Attractive New Price Point
Denon is bringing many of today’s most sophisticated audio/video processing technologies to an attractive new price point with the introduction of its AVR-4306 receiver (SRP: $1,999). A multi-source, multi-zone IP addressable receiver, the AVR-4306’s full complement of advanced audio and video processing capabilities includes HDMI digital video source switching. For maximum performance from all video sources, the AVR-4306 upconverts all incoming analog video signals (composite, component and S-Video) to HDMI output for a simple one-cable connection between receiver and display. Like all Denon receivers, the AVR-4306 offers an extensive complement of connectivity options, including three high-bandwidth (100 MHz) HDTV-compatible component video inputs, and much more, making it ideal for both custom installers as well as Denon’s specialty retail customers. An Ethernet port allows for networking capability, providing end users with the ability to not only listen to music stored on a PC, or the new Escient FireBall systems, but also to control the playback options via the AVR-4306s remote and on-screen interface. Internet Radio access and a Web Browser setup and control function, as well as 3rd party controller connectivity are also available through the Ethernet port.
(A demo of these functions in the AVR-5805 will be shown at Denon’s CEDIA booth, however, with an optional upgrade it will also be available in the AVR-4306.)

Apple iPod Connectivity, Plus XM Satellite Radio Functionality
Other exciting new features in the AVR-4306 include connectivity and control of the Apple iPod via a dedicated front-panel input similar to Denon’s new S- series home entertainment systems (see separate release).

The AVR-4306, like the AVR-4806, AVR-3806 and AVR-2106, also features XM Satellite Radio’s new “Connect-and-Play” technology, which lets users add XM Satellite Radio functionality with the addition of an optional “Connect-and-Play” XM Satellite Radio antenna (SRP: $49.99). In addition, the AVR-4306, along with Denon’s new AVR-3806, features the company’s brand new pre-programmed learning remote control with backlighting and punch-through commands.

AVR-3806: Upgrade to the Company’s Most Popular Receiver of All Time
Successor to Denon’s immensely popular and critically-acclaimed AVR-3805, the new AVR-3806 is the fourth receiver in the Denon line (along with models AVR-4306, AVR-4806 and AVR-5805) to incorporate the unique room correction and calibration technology called MultEQXT™ from Audyssey Laboratories that maximizes room acoustics for multiple listeners, creating an optimized soundfield and compensating for speaker and room capabilities to provide a “sweet spot” for every listener in the room.

Thanks to its multiple audio/video outputs and independent power supply circuitry, the AVR-3806 is capable of providing users with 3-source, 3-zone performance without any disturbance or crossover interference between zones. In addition to HDMI switching and a host of custom-installation friendly features, the AVR-3806 also features the latest DENON LINK 3rd digital interface, which fully supports all digital audio transmission specifications, including SACD as well as CD and DVD-Audio/Video. DENON LINK 3rd is also included in Denon’s AVR-3805, AVR-4306, AVR-4806, and AVR-5805 receivers. For added flexibility, the AVR-3806 features Denon’s HDMI Repeater function that allows for multi-channel audio decoding in the receiver, but also passes 2-channel audio onto a display to utilize the television’s speakers.

AVR-2106: Ultimate High-End Features in More Affordable Products
As Denon’s A/V receiver line continues to evolve, the company is committed to bringing high-quality surround sound to more consumers than ever before by including some of the world’s most advanced features and performance enhancements throughout the line. With a suggested retail price of just $699, for instance, the new AVR-2106 includes many of the same high-end features that distinguish Denon’s higher-end units. For compatibility with all of today’s advanced home theater audio formats, it features 7.1-channel surround decoding of formats including Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS, DTS 96/24 5.1 for DVD-Video, DTS ES Discrete 6/1, ES Matrix 6.1 and Neo: 6 Cinema & Music modes, as well as Dolby PLIIx (for cinema, music and games). For added utility and flexibility, the AVR-2106 (like all new Denon receivers) includes Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoding, the first technology to offer users the choice of processing traditional stereo music and movie content into a room-filling 6.1- or 7.1-channel listening experience. Dolby Pro Logic IIx also gives users a flexible upgrade path, allowing them to connect extra channels and speakers to their 5.1- or 6.1-channel systems in the future. The new AVR-2106, like all Denon receivers except the AVR-1506, also includes Denon’s Auto Set-Up calibration feature that makes it easier to tailor the performance of the receiver for any home theater or music listening environment. (Auto Set-Up can be disabled for consumers who prefer calibrating their receivers in the traditional manner.)

Denon’s Power Amp Assign function adds to the AVR-2106’s flexibility in providing high-quality surround sound solutions. Since the majority of home theater systems are 5.1-channel, this feature allows users to enjoy a fully powered, discrete two-channel second zone.

The AVR-2106 delivers superlative sound quality, thanks to premium digital audio technologies such as Analog Devices Hammerhead SHARC 32-bit floating point DSP processing (now featured in all models). For exceptional resolution and dynamic range, the receiver utilizes premium Analog Devices AD-1837 24-bit, 192 kHz audio D/A converters on all channels and like all Denon receivers, it is compatible with every popular surround sound format.

The AVR-2106 also includes a full complement of audio and video connections for maximum flexibility, including three high bandwidth and assignable (100MHz) component video inputs. For custom installation flexibility, the AVR-2106 features RS-232, remote in/out ports and assignable +12volt trigger outputs.

Denon receivers are all available in black. The AVR-3806, AVR-4306, AVR-4806 and AVR-3805 are also available in the same luxurious gun-metal gray finish as several Denon DVD players, allowing consumers to create aesthetically matched home entertainment systems.

All Denon A/V Receivers are currently available, with the exception of the AVR-4306, which will begin shipping in November 2005.

About Denon Electronics
Denon is a world leader in the manufacture of the highest quality home theater, audio and software products. Denon is recognized internationally for innovative and groundbreaking products and has a long history of technical innovations, including the development and first commercialization of PCM digital audio. Denon Electronics is owned by D&M Holdings Inc.

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