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The DVD-5910 pushes the envelope in digital technology with its implementation of top-of-the-line audio/video processing, state-of-the-art features and unsurpassed flexibility previously available only on professional-grade equipment. It is a stunning combination of time-tested Denon quality and cutting-edge innovation that delivers incredibly detailed high-resolution audio and magnificent, theater-quality picture.

  • DDVC (Dual Discrete Video Circuit) proprietary technology
  • Realta™ HQV chip by Teranex
  • Advanced AL24 Processing
  • DENON LINK II/III, for high-grade audio transmission
  • THX Ultra®-certified
  • 10-bit Precision Video Scaling™ by DVDO
  • HDMI 1080i / DVI 1080i Digital Video
  • One-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty on Refurbished model

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    Model No. DVD-5910