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12 Channel Multi-Zone Audio Distribution Power Amplifier

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Features - POA-3012CI


For whole-house audio distribution, the POA-3012CI provides the custom integrator with a host of configuration and control options, including the ability to provide multiple mono, stereo and bridged (high power) outputs to drive speakers anywhere in the home. Each of the 12 power amplifier channels features the latest digital amplifier technology for superb sound along with cooler running and reliability. Each channel is rated at 30 watts (8 ohms), with assured reliability 4 ohms drive capability. For more output, channel pairs can be bridged, providing 120 watts output (8 ohms), ideal for driving in-wall subwoofers, for example. Designed for easy setup and installation, the POA-3012CI features front panel controls for configuration, level setting, and other adjustment options, along with a front panel lock control that prevents inadvertent user mis-adjustment. The rear panel’s Ethernet IP port features web-enabled setup and configuration, and an RS-232C serial port provides additional control options.

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POA-3012CI Dimensions

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POA-3012CI Quick Start Guide

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POA-3012CI Owners Manual -English

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POA-3012CI Serial Protocol Ver5.1.7

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