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The AVR-587 surround sound receiver employs
the latest features and processing allowing Dolby
Digital and DTS sources to come alive, giving new
meaning to the home theater experience.  With
the ability of receiving satellite radio, plugging in
iPods and connecting home video recorders, this
receiver will become the heart of a very powerful
A/V system at an entry level price.  Its careful
design and build quality will provide years of
  • 75 watts x 7 channels
  • Analog Devices Melody 100 32 bit floating
    point DSP processing
  • 7.1 channel analog EXT input for HD audio
  • XM Radio Ready (Connect and Play
    antenna sold separately)
  • Dedicated iPod port for use with optional
    ASD-1R Denon D-dock (No OSD)
  • 2 optical and 2 coaxial digital inputs
  • One-year warranty on the Refurbished model

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    Model No. AVR-587