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With Denon’s latest DBP-4010UDCI universal disc player, you’ll be able to enjoy superb audio and video playback with all of the discs in your music and video collection, including Blu-ray, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD and music CD, along with Kodak and Fuji picture disc capabilities for added flexibility. Featuring Denon’s advanced Separated Unit Structure chassis architecture, the DBP-4010UDCI is equipped with state-of-the-art ABT VRS video processing, which includes i/p upconversion and precision video scaling along with SD and HD digital video noise reduction and multi-cadence detection, along with a full suite of picture adjustment controls for optimum image clarity. The audio sections include full 7.1 analog outputs with fully configurable bass management powered by Denon’s DDSC-HD dual 32 bit SHARC processors along with a separate stereo downmix analog output that features its own 24 bit D/A conversion. Featuring BD-Live (via Ethernet), the DBP-4010UDCI also includes external control capability via IP or RS-232C serial commands. Prepared for the future, the DBP-4010UDCI will shortly be enabled with additional control capabilities, including remote access for custom integration diagnosis and correction, as well as a built-in web browser for PC/iPhone setup and control (update planned for March 2010 availability). One-year warranty on Refurbished model.

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Model No. DBP-4010UDCI

  • Extended Warranty

    1 Year


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    2 Year


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    3 Year