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An ideal device for online music enthusiasts, the Denon DNP-720AE Network Audio Player allows you to access online audio content from any room in your house. This versatile player connects to your home network via Wi-Fi, allowing you to enjoy online music services remotely. It also supports iTunes AirPlay technology, which lets you stream music wirelessly from your Apple mobile device. And with its masterful sound engineering and Denon circuits, the receiver is capable of producing stunning sound performance.

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DNP-720AE Network Audio Player
At a Glance:
  • Wi-Fi enabled player streams music wirelessly from your home network

  • Wireless Internet connection allows access to online music services and radio stations

  • AirPlay compatible for wireless connections with iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad

  • Hi-fi components for rich, detailed audio playback

  • Control player from Apple devices with the Denon Remote App

  • Two-year warranty (One-year warranty on Refurbished)
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AirPlay made for iPod and iPhone
Denon DNP-720AE Network Audio Player (black) Product Shot

WLAN antenna communicates with your home network so you can stream online music. View larger.

Denon DNP-720AE Network Audio Player (black) Product Shot

An Ethernet port offers the option of a wired Internet connection. View larger.

Denon DNP-720AE Network Audio Player (black) Product Shot

AirPlay lets you stream music from your portable Apple device or iTunes library. View larger.

Denon DNP-720AE Network Audio Player (black) feature

View larger.

Wi-Fi Enabled for Wireless Music Streaming
The Denon DNP-720AE Network Audio Player is equipped with a WLAN antenna, which allows it to communicate with your home network. When connected to the Internet, the device can stream music from online services like Napster and It can also connect to your home network's own music library, giving you remote access to your entire collection. The player supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup and is fully DLNA certified, which makes networking easy and hassle-free.

The audio player is also compatible with iTunes' AirPlay technology. With AirPlay, the device can connect wirelessly to any AirPlay-enabled Apple device. This allows you to stream music wirelessly from your iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, or your computer's iTunes library.

Front-Panel USB Connection and AM/FM Tuner
Thanks to its front-panel USB connection, the DNP-720AE can connect to any USB-enabled device. This lets you stream music directly from your smartphone or MP3 player. You can also connect flash drives and detachable HDDs to the DNP-720AE. The player features an AM/FM tuner, giving you access to traditional radio stations.

Superior Sound Engineering for Stunning Playback
The DNP-720AE is loaded with Denon's sound technologies. The receiver's "simple and straight" circuit design minimizes sound interference and helps eliminate noise and feedback, ensuring crisp and clear playback. It also features a precise 24-bit, 192 kHz D/A converter, which helps preserve the fidelity of your recordings. The result is richly textured, detailed sound reproduction that is faithful to its source. In addition, the player supports lossless FLAC files.

Ergonomic, Easy-to-Operate Design
The DNP-720AE was designed with ease of use in mind. It has a clean, uncluttered front panel that gives you quick access to basic playback functions and volume. For more complete control, you can use the remote control, which allows you to seamlessly switch between songs, playlists, and devices. The receiver also sports a convenient OELD display, which reads out information about the track, album, and the device you're currently streaming from.

Support for Denon Remote App
The DNP-720AE supports the Denon Remote App, which offers iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users an additional way to control their player. This free-to-download app allows you to operate the player using your Apple device's touchscreen, giving you complete control over volume, playback, and source selection. You can even search your source's music library using the convenient "search by character" function.

Product and Warranty Information
The Denon DNP-720AE measures 2-29/32 by 17-3/32 by 11-7/64 inches (H x W x D) and is backed by a two-year manufacturer's warranty (One-year warranty on Refurbished), subject to the full warranty terms and conditions.

Package Contents
DNP-720AE Audio Player and remote.


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