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A fitting companion to the reference AVP-A1HDCI Controller, the POA-A1HDCI multi-channel power amplifier sets the standard for power and precision, with unparalleled configuration options. Each of the 10 amplifier channels features a discrete power amplifier assembly to eliminate interference between channels, and each is equipped with a dedicated DC power supply that ensures optimum fidelity without interference from other channels. High current DC rectifiers and companion high current filter/storage capacitors ensure stable performance with low impedance (4 ohms) speaker loads, even in bridged mode. Each amplifier channel also features A/B speaker outputs that allows tremendous flexibility with sophisticated multi-zone installations in addition to bi-amping capability, along with our exclusive Control Link connectivity for seamless configuration and switching via the A/V controller. The rugged chassis features direct mechanical grounding that eliminates microphonically-induced distortions, along with extensive shielding to prevent mutual interference between individual amplifier channels and low and high power circuits.

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Model No. POA-A1HDCI

MSRP: $7,499.99