Micro Component System

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The Denon D-M39S Micro Component System packs outstanding sound quality and broad connectivity into a compact frame. Equipped with a powerful amplifier section and two premium speakers, this audio system delivers clean, faithful, and rich audio performance. The system also features a built-in CD player and supports connections to HDTVs, Blu-ray players, MP3 players, thumb drives, and a variety of other devices.

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Micro Component System
At a Glance:

  • Power amplifier section minimizes distortion for high-fidelity audio

  • Two stereo speakers for rich, detailed sound quality

  • Optical digital, USB, and stereo line inputs to connect to multiple devices

  • CD player reads MP3 and WMA files

  • 1-year limited warranty

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Micro Component System Product Shot

Features an intuitive display and remote control.
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Micro Component System Product Shot

Superior engineering minimizes distortion and other unwanted sound artifacts. View larger.

Micro Component System Product Shot

The high-fidelity speakers provide dynamic sound. View larger.

Amplifier Section Enriches Sound Performance
The D-M39S Micro Component System uses a power amplifier section to enhance and enrich your music. Engineered with high-grade components, the amplifier section uses a triple noise reduction design to prevent distortion and preserve signal purity.

Superior Engineering for Faithful Audio Reproduction
This system features simple circuitry and short, direct signal pathways, helping minimize distortion and other unwanted sound artifacts. The result is faithful sound performance. The system also features 192 kHz/32-bit D/A conversion technology, so it can handle high-resolution audio formats.

High-Fidelity Speakers Provide Dynamic Sound
The component system comes with two precise, powerful Denon SC-M39 speakers. These speakers are equipped with high-definition soft dome tweeters, which give treble frequencies a full-bodied quality. The woofers feature die-cast frames and massive magnetic motor structures, allowing them to reproduce bass tracks with exceptional tightness and resonance.

Connect to a Variety of Devices
Equipped with a range of inputs and outputs, the system gives you plenty of connectivity options. The system features a stereo line and an optical digital input, enabling connections to HDTVs, Blu-ray players, cable and satellite tuners, and other digital audio sources. You can also playback audio from MP3 players, smartphones, and thumb drives thanks to a USB input located on the front panel.

CD Player and Built-in FM Radio
The Micro Component System's disc player can play back CD and CD-RW discs and is compatible with MP3 and WMA file formats. The built-in FM stereo tuner features 40 presets so you can listen to your favorite stations.

Intuitive Display and Remote Control
The dimmable front panel display features a high-resolution, alphanumeric readout that shows music track title, volume level, and other information. The system also comes with an intuitive remote control (batteries included), which provides easy control over playback, volume, and other functions.

Compact Design
With its contemporary design and black finish, the component system can complement nearly any space. The system's small, unobtrusive frame is compact enough to place on a bookshelf or desktop.

Dimensions and Warranty Information
The main unit measures 4.53 by 8.27 by 12.13 inches (H x W x D). Each speaker measures 9.38 by 5.7 by 9.22 inches (H x W x D).

The Denon D-M39S Micro Component System is backed by a 1-year limited warranty, subject to the full warranty terms and conditions.

What's in the Box
Denon D-M39S Micro Component System, SC-M39 speakers, remote control, two AAA batteries, quick setup guide, power cord, FM antenna and CD-ROM user's manual.

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Model No. Micro Component System

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