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“Acoustic Luxury” Over-Ear Headphones

Designed for hours of fatigue-free listening, the AH-D1100 over-ear headphones feature remarkably light weight (6.7 oz., cable not included) along with a host of exclusive Denon technologies for the ultimate in audio fidelity and listening comfort. Denon’s Acoustic Optimizer technology provides balanced acoustical pressure on both sides of the large 50mm diaphragms, which are powered by advanced neodymium magnet motor systems.

Internally Angled Driver Design

Unlike conventional headphones, the AH-D1100 features internally angled drivers which provide superior aural matching with the ear canal for the ultimate in audio fidelity. The large diameter 50mm drivers provide extended frequency response up to 37 kHz for the utmost fidelity with wideband audio sources such as lossless FLAC, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, and also provide tremendous reach down to the very lowest bass notes.

Hours Of Listening Comfort

Denon’s professional over-ear headphones are the premiere choice of the world’s most renowned DJs due to their combination of fidelity and comfort. The AH-D1100 features that same elevated combination of comfort and fidelity and can be worn with ease for far longer than conventional headphones. The earpieces feature supple synthetic leather covers over compliant foam pads that together provide superior acoustical isolation along with unparalleled comfort.

Hybrid Metal Housing

The earpiece housings are constructed of a multi-layer sandwich design that incorporates machined aluminum alloy bonded to a resin compound material that together provide the ultimate combination of lightness and rigidity, providing superb resonance-free sound across the entire audio range.

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Model No. AH-D1100