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The Ultimate Weapon in your Business Travel Arsenal
Today’s busy executive has more things to do while they travel than ever before. Denon’s line of Globe Cruiser Headphones creates peace and order in the midst of noise and chaos.

Slip on a pair of Denon Globe Cruiser headphones and escape the environment around you so you can better focus on what you need to do. Whether it’s just relaxing and enjoying your favorite music, conducting a conference call, asking Siri® to check your departure gate, or using the voice recognition capability to dictate an email on your iPhone® 4S to your boss about closing that business deal, Denon’s line of Globe Cruiser travel headphones provide exceptional sound quality and styling.


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Exceptional Sound so you can Feel the Music Like Never Before:
Denon knows sound. As a company that’s been in the business of sound for over 100 years, you could say we’re more than a bit obsessed with good quality sound. We know great-sounding music can be the best remedy for even the most hectic day of travel, and all Denon Globe Cruiser Headphones have been professionally tuned to provide the purest acoustics no matter what genre of music you listen to. Put a pair of Globe Cruiser headphones on, crank up your favorite song and you’ll feel like you’re in the center of your favorite band or sitting next to your favorite artist. Globe Cruiser AH-W200 In-Ear headphones have an integrated amplifier to provide superior performance and feature a 5 hour rechargeable battery. When the battery runs out, connect the detachable audio cable to continue your audio enjoyment or simply re-charge the battery.


Wireless, so you can move smoothly thru the most crowded transit station:
Tired of your traditional wired travel headphones restricting your movement? The Globe Cruiser AH-W200 In-Ear headphones feature Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity, so you can navigate thru busy terminals, train stations, or anywhere you need to go without getting yourself or your luggage tangled up in cable. Better yet, Denon Globe Cruiser Headphones include both aptX and AAC decoding to provide CD quality audio over the Bluetooth wireless connection, making them the perfect earphones for travel.

Wired capability, for when wireless is not allowed:
Your enjoyment of music doesn’t have to stop when you board the plane and the flight attendant tells you to turn off all wireless devices. The Denon Globe Cruiser AH-W200 In-Ear headphones feature a detachable audio cable connection, located under the right ear piece, and ship with an audio cable for when wireless listening is not allowed.

Integrated Wireless controls and microphones, so you can keep your smartphone in your pocket, purse or briefcase:

To make wireless audio even more convenient, we’ve incorporated wireless control of your smart phone on the ear pieces. Press the button on the right ear piece to play / pause the music, and the button on the left ear piece to answer a telephone call or conclude it. Adjust the volume using the +/- buttons on the top of the right ear piece. The Globe Cruiser In-Ear Headphones also feature microphones for talk right in the ear piece. No need to fumble with your smartphone while cruising the airport.

So comfortable, you may forget you’re wearing them:
We know a great pair of travel headphones is much more about sound and function. It’s also about fit. In a quest to provide the most comfortable, best fitting travel headphones, Denon’s engineers have studied over 4,000 pairs of ears from people around the world, to come up with a design that automatically accounts for the subtle differences in ear shape, placement, ear canal size, head size and jaw depression. We know that fit and comfort comes from paying attention to the small details. The Globe Cruiser AH-W200 In-Ear headphones are design to fit comfortably with a band that goes behind your neck and perfectly balanced electronics and a flexible neckband so the headphones don’t get in your way while you sleep on the plane.

Eliminate External Noise with your choice of custom, noise isolating ear tips:
A true business professional knows that with all of the distractions one can encounter when traveling it’s tough to keep your head in the game. Block out the external noise and enhance the audio performance by choosing from a multitude of ear tips to achieve a custom fit that seals your ear canal and feels comfortable. Try the Comply™ Foam TX-400M ear tips (which conform to the size of your ear canal) or the right size of silicon ear tips (S, M, L included).

Pack Light:
Better yet, Denon Globe Cruiser models are exceptionally portable so you can pack light. The Denon Globe Cruiser AH-W200 In-Ear headphones come with a small protein leather luxury travel case with a detachable karabiner so you can opt to hook the case onto your briefcase or purse instead of taking up valuable space inside your bag. Other accessories included are detachable audio cable (for those times when wireless listening is not allowed), USB micro charging cable (for charging the battery), Comply TX-400M Foam Ear Tips, Silicon ear tips (S, M, L) and airline adapter.


Denon’s Travel App, for iPhone, iPad or Android, enhances your trip.
Enhance your travel experience with the Denon Travel smartphone application, available on iOS or Android® platforms for phone headphones. This travel application allows you to create custom playlists on the fly; create, store, and share custom EQ curves; enjoy over 50,000 internet radio stations worldwide via TuneIn® Internet Radio; automatically update your Facebook/twitter status; and aggregate all of your common travel applications for easy access so you don’t have to spend your time scrolling thru pages of applications to find them.

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Model No. AH-W200

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