Audio Receiver

These days you can expect a lot more from an audio receiver than amplifying a conventional audio source like a CD player and routing the signal to a pair of stereo speakers. A premium audio receiver such as those made by Denon can manage a wide variety of audio and video inputs, while routing signals to TVs, video monitors, and surround sound speaker systems. High quality audio receiver systems such as Denon's AVR-1913 or AVR-3313CI receivers even allow you to establish multiple zones in your home and send different signals to different zones.

Today's Many-to-Many Audio Receiver

A premium audio receiver like Denon's AVR-1913 7.1 channel receiver or AVR-3313CI 7.2 receiver supports nearly any type of audio or video source. Both these Denon audio video receiver models have connectors for analog audio, coaxial or optical digital audio, composite video, and component video, along with multiple High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs and even a USB port. With such versatile connectivity, these Denon audio receiver systems easily accommodate a wide variety of set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, game systems, and portable media players. Both models of home receiver also support integration into your home ethernet network, so you can use internet radio or play digital music files from your computer.

On the output side, the AVR-1913 audio receiver supports high definition video output while also powering seven distinct surround sound speaker channels with 90 watts each. The AVR-3313CI audio receiver also outputs high definition video, while delivering a full 125 watts each to seven speaker channels. Either system makes an exceptional home theatre receiver, with the AVR-3313CI adding a second subwoofer outlet for even better bass performance. (This second subwoofer outlet is the difference between 7.1 and 7.2 receivers. If five speakers and one subwoofer outlet are enough surround sound for you, we also offer a 5.1 receiver.)

One Audio Receiver, Multiple Entertainment Zones

The multi-zone function in a premium audio receiver lets you create multiple "zones" in your home and transmit different signals to the different zones. The AVR-1913 receiver lets you create two zones – the main one and a second zone to which a separate audio signal can be sent (by reassigning the two surround sound back channels to the second zone rather than the primary zone). With the AVR-3313CI you can create three zones and have separate audio going to each of the three zones, or have separate HDMI high definition video going to two different zones.

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