Audio Video Receiver

The modern audio video receiver has evolved rapidly to integrate a dizzying array of features and functionality. Though shopping for an audio video receiver may seem a bit daunting, in the end it really boils down to three main things you should be looking for:

  • Sound quality. Can the audio receiver deliver the sound experience that you're looking for from your music, movies, shows, and games?
  • Versatility. Think carefully about the different ways that you'd like use your audio video receiver. Then allow for the possibility that additional ways of using it may come up down the road – maybe you'll add another media device or TV to your home. Pick a home receiver that supports all your usage scenarios now and for the foreseeable future.
  • Ease of use. Look for an audio video receiver that doesn't require you to be a techie to set up and operate it. (Even if you are a techie, you'll want to spend more time enjoying your system and little time managing it.)

Superior Audio Video Receiver Sound Quality from Denon

At Denon our line of premium home sound systems are built to provide a truly exceptional audio experience. Two great examples are our AVR-1913 audio video receiver and our AVR-3313CI IN-Command audio video receiver:

  • The AVR-1913 7.1 channel receiver delivers seven 90-watt channels, for more immersive surround sound than a 5.1 channel receiver. The AVR-3313CI is a 7.2 receiver, featuring dual sub-woofer outlets for optimal bass performance, along with seven 125-watt surround sound channels.
  • In both audio video receiver models, each of the seven channels is powered by its own discrete circuit, allowing truer sound reproduction than conventional integrated circuits.
  • Both audio video receiver models feature built-in Audyssey technology that automatically optimizes sound performance in response to your particular room acoustics.

An Audio Video Receiver to Meet All Your Needs, Today and Tomorrow

The Denon AVR-1913 audio video receiver and AVR-3313CI audio video receiver both feature the comprehensive connectivity you need to seamlessly integrate all your media devices:

  • Both systems support coaxial, composite, and component video inputs.
  • The AVR-1913 features six HDMI inputs (HDMI has emerged as one of the most common and versatile high-definition audio-video connection types). The AVR-3313CI has seven HDMI inputs and three HDMI outputs. Both support pass-through for 3D video.
  • Both systems provide advanced networking support including compatibility with Sirius Radio, Pandora, and built-in Apple Airplay for wireless streaming of your iTunes library.
  • The AVR-1913 supports two-zone audio playback, while the AVR-3313CI has an advanced three-zone, three-source capability.

Audio Video Receiver Set-Up Made Simple

Both the AVR-1913 and the AVR-3313CI feature an easy to use graphical interface, including a Setup Assistant that makes initial setup of your audio video receiver system a breeze. Both these systems come with a user-friendly remote with large, well-marked buttons; and with either system you can download an app that lets you use your iPhone or Android phone as a remote.

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