Home Theater Systems

Not all home theater systems are created in minutes. But with Home Theater-In-A-Box (HTIB) systems, turning your living room into a home theater can be easier than programming your remote control. As long as you have a TV and access to your favorite media, these all-in-one solutions can save you time and money. They come packaged with all the components necessary for building a basic home theater system without requiring a lot of shopping or planning.

Don't let all the jargon in online reviews of the most powerful home theater systems out there keep you from enjoying a cinematic experience in the convenience of your own home.

It Doesn't Have to Be Complicated: Streamlined Home Theater Systems

If don't want to remodel your living room to make room for a slew of new and confusing electronic equipment, an HTIB system just might be the product for you. These streamlined home theater systems are designed with the mainstream consumer in mind and offer a number of significant benefits over build-it-yourself home theaters.

  • Simplicity and affordability. These home theater systems come complete with everything you need in one, simple package and are reasonably priced.
  • Compact size. They include a basic home theatre receiver, a set of compact surround sound speakers, and a subwoofer–all of which can be placed or mounted in most rooms without overwhelming the space.
  • Ease of use. Fully integrated components, easy-to-follow instructions and helpful diagrams make the installation process simple and quick, and a handy remote control and GUI allow you to modify system settings at your convenience.

Defining a New Standard in Home Theater Systems: Innovative yet Simple

At Denon, we are passionate about providing our customers with convenient audio-video solutions without sacrificing the quality and detail that defines our company's tradition. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to creating home theater systems, and the Denon DHT-1513B Home Theater System is no exception. This innovative all-in-one system combines our 5.1 Channel 3D Pass-Through home theater receiver with an excellent surround sound speaker system from Boston Acoustics.

The receiver features a vibration-resistant design, discrete circuitry enabling the faithful reproduction of surround sound, a Compressed Audio Restorer, and four HDMI inputs. Taking full advantage of the abilities of our receiver, a set of compact yet powerful center/satellite speakers, a 100-watt subwoofer equipped with BassTrac circuitry to eliminate low-frequency distortion, and a full package of Audyssey audio technologies ensure that you enjoy optimal sound quality and impressive surround sound effects right out of the box. With the assistance of our user-friendly GUI and "Setup Assistant", you'll be immersed in the entertainment experience before you know it.

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