Home Theaters

Bothered by the mismatch between your HDTV's brilliant display and those wimpy TV speakers? Well, you're not alone. Conserving on space and the bottom-line, even the best television makers often end up skimping in the speaker department. So, even if you purchase a great-looking TV, you may have to tolerate subpar audio–until someone tells you about how wonderful and convenient home theaters are.

Thanks to the internet, you can access a wealth of information on home theaters and home theater systems, and once you find the product that best suits your needs, your ears won't have to suffer another day.

Where the Road Forks: Do-it-yourself Home Theaters vs. the Home Theater-in-a-Box

While audiophiles or techie types might appreciate the challenge and customizability of building a home theater system from scratch, the average user may prefer to save a lot of time and money by choosing a Home Theater-in-a-Box system. Therefore, the first step in creating your home theater will be to decide how much cash and effort you want to spend on electronics equipment.

The Nuts and Bolts of Home Theaters

Home theaters are made up of several components, with the number and variety depending upon one's entertainment and listening preferences. The basic setup will include a TV, a DVD player, a cable/satellite box, and the following two essential elements.

  • A home theater receiver: This is the control center that lets you to link up and switch between the components and devices in your home theater. It routes video signals to your TV and amplifies the audio signals it sends to your speakers.
  • A surround sound speaker system including a subwoofer: Without good speakers, the high quality audio signals produced by a home theatre receiver have nowhere to shine. Your speakers should take advantage of your receiver's abilities and performance level.

The Friendliest of Home Theaters: An All-in-One System from Denon

Home theaters shouldn't be so complicated that they take the fun out of enjoying your favorite TV shows and films. This is why we developed a simple home theater package that is not only easy to install but a pleasure to use.

We've combined our AVR-1513 5.1 Channel 3D Pass-Through Receiver with a premium Boston Acoustics surround sound speaker system to create our all-in-one DHT-1513BA Home Theater System. Using discrete circuitry and our Compressed Audio Restorer, the receiver takes excellent care of your audio while the speakers, which feature BassTrac circuitry and a vibration-resistant design, ensure the spacious and smooth dispersion of sound throughout your home theater.

All you need to do is position and plug in all the necessary components, and our graphical "Setup Assistant" will prompt you through the initial setup. The intuitive GUI makes accessing system settings a breeze, so you'll be able to enjoy an amazing theater experience at home whenever you like.

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