Home Theatre Receiver

Unlike fine wine, home theater systems don't age well. You sacrifice precious time and energy building a home theater system, and then, as time passes, your speakers start to disappoint. Your subwoofer's not booming anymore. Your receiver's short on ports and punch, and your system's falling out of step with the times.

Reinvigorating Your System with a Future-Friendly Home Theatre Receiver

The most efficient way to infuse new life into a home theater will be to upgrade the receiver. A home theatre receiver is one of the more complex and pricier components in a home theater. So, before you start checking out the state-of-the-art receivers in the home theaters featured in your favorite magazine, you'll want to define your priorities and a budget. A future-friendly home theatre receiver will provide you with enough channels and inputs to ensure optimum connectivity and flexibility as well as intelligent technologies and a smart design that won't feel old in a few months.

A Home Theatre Receiver That Lets You Explore

We know our customers expect style and expandability in addition to functionality and quality from their AV equipment. This is why Denon created a sleek, stylish home theatre receiver that lets you develop the home theater you most desire.

Our AVR-3313CI 7.2 Channel 4K & 3D Pass-Through home theater receiver gives you seven discrete 125-watt surround sound channels plus dual subwoofer outputs for excellent bass distribution. It comes with Audyssey audio technologies like MultEQ XT, which builds the optimal acoustic profile for your space using high-resolution equalization filters. And to ensure that you have the most immersive and lifelike home theater experience, we've installed Audyssey DSX (Dynamic Surround Expansion), an advanced technology that adds height and width dimensions to surround sound.

With ultra-high resolution 4K upscaling of video signals, you'll be enjoying the most pristine picture quality available. In addition to seven HDMI inputs and three HDMI outputs to connect all of your high-definition components and devices, advanced networking capabilities make sure you never run out of fresh media to enjoy. Using the Ethernet port, you can access net radio services and stream photos and music from your PC, Mac and other mobile devices while AirPlay technology lets you stream content wirelessly from your iTunes library.

Finally, with this high-end audio video receiver, you have the ability to reassign amplifiers to accommodate your varying listening needs, and with true multi-zone HDMI AV distribution, you'll be able to create three zones in which you can listen and enjoy a variety of media when and where you want.

A Flexible, Net-Savvy Home Theatre Receiver

If you're watching your budget or you're of the mindset that less is more, our AVR-1913 7.1 Channel home theatre receiver offers you the same great 3D pass-through technology and networking functions as the AVR-3313CI but at a lower price point.

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