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One of the few things more fun than listening to your iPhone® music player with headphones is listening to the music with friends or family. To do that you need a great-sounding iPhone dock. Denon's new Cocoon iPhone dock provides premium sound quality and cool styling, in your choice of two models – one for home use, and another that's portable.

The iPhone Dock for Home or Office

The Denon Cocoon iPhone dock provides all you need to transform your iPhone into a premium audio system for your home or office:

  • Exceptional sound quality. With the Cocoon iPhone docking station Denon carries on a century-long tradition of producing high fidelity home audio systems at the leading edge of technology. Powered by innovative driver design and an ample acoustic chamber, the Cocoon's two-way iPhone dock speakers deliver a big, crystal clear sound.
  • Easy connectivity. The Cocoon iPhone dock provides hassle-free connectivity to your iPhone and pretty much anything else that you'd want to connect to it. You can dock your iPhone in the retractable docking tray or use Apple AirPlay to stream music from your iPhone to the Cocoon wirelessly (you can do the same if you use the Cocoon as an iPad® dock or iPod® dock). The Cocoon also supports easy wired or wireless connectivity to your home network, and to non-Apple devices like Android-based smartphones.
  • Eye-pleasing styling. Unlike the typical boxy, non-descript iPhone docks, the Cocoon pleases the eye as well as the ear. Available in deep gloss black or deep gloss white, the Cocoon's harmonious curves make this iPhone dock a welcome addition to your living space even when you're not listening to it.

The iPhone Dock for the Beach or the Park

For outdoor gatherings, there's also the Denon Cocoon Portable. The Cocoon Portable iPhone speaker dock has the great sound, easy connectivity, and sleek styling of the home version of the Cocoon, but with a few differences that make it the perfect iPhone dock for the beach, the park, or the backyard:

  • 25% smaller and lighter than the Cocoon Home version
  • A built-in handle
  • Water-resistant exterior
  • 5-hour rechargeable battery
  • Rubberized buttons to keep sand and dust out

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