iPhone Docking Station

Paired with the right iPhone® docking station, your iPhone becomes the controller for a dynamic, digital home audio system. While your iPhone provides instant access to pretty much any music in the world, Denon's new Cocoon iPhone docking station provides exceptional sound quality, unmatched versatility, and stand-out styling.

Denon's High Fidelity iPhone Docking Station

Denon has long been known for making some of the world's finest high fidelity audio equipment. Now for the first time the renowned Denon sound is available in an iPhone speaker dock. Denon's Cocoon iPhone docking station delivers advanced digital signal processing (DSP) to go along with 100 watts of total system power. The Cocoon's two-way iPhone dock speakers feature optimized cross-over and Denon's exclusive Double Layer woofer cones. Backed by Denon's superior technology and engineering, the Cocoon produces a deeper and cleaner sound than competing iPhone docks.

Unmatched iPhone Docking Station Versatility

The Cocoon is a great-sounding iPhone docking station, but it's not limited to the iPhone. You can just as well use it as an iPod® speaker dock or an iPad® speaker dock. And if you've got family, roommates, or friends who have Android or Windows smartphones, the Cocoon works with those devices too. For any of these devices the Cocoon supports wireless streaming connectivity (using AirPlay for Apple devices or DLNA for non-Apple devices) as well as physical docking.

The Cocoon iPhone docking station from Denon also easily integrates with your home computer network, through an ethernet connection or WiFi. You can wirelessly stream music from your PC or Mac to your Cocoon; and with iTunes installed on your computer you can even wirelessly stream music to multiple Cocoons around your home, simultaneously. For times when you want a musical change of pace, the Cocoon supports internet radio with up to three presets.

An iPhone Docking Station that Looks as Good as it Sounds

The distinctive styling of the Cocoon iPhone docking station – spherical and entirely smooth, available in deep gloss white or deep glass black – makes it an attractive addition to your living room, bed room, or office. And if you're someone who likes to take your sound system out to the yard, the street, the park, or the beach, we also offer a portable version of the Cocoon iPhone dock that's light, battery-powered, and extra sturdy.

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