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Compared to just a few short years ago, a much wider variety of iPhone® docks are available to today's iPhone user. That puts the iPhone user in position to be selective when it comes to choosing a dock. Here are few things to consider when comparing and choosing among iPhone docks:

  • Sound quality. With more manufacturers jumping into the audio dock market, the sound quality of iPhone docks varies widely. The old adage that you get what you pay for definitely applies here – bargain basement iPhone docks will give you bargain basement sound quality.
  • Versatility. iPhone docks vary in their ability to support not just iPhones but other sound sources such as other iOS devices, other types of smartphones, home computers, CD players, and so on.
  • Ease of use. The best iPhone docks are simple to set up and use despite having sophisticated functionality.
  • Styling. Since your iPhone docking station may have a prominent place in your living room, bed room, or office, it should please your eyes as well as your ears.

The Denon Cocoon Sounds Better than Other iPhone Docks

Denon has long been known for making some of the world's best premium home audio systems. Now that renowned Denon sound is available to you in the Denon Cocoon, our new high fidelity iPhone speaker dock. Backed by four 25-watt amplifiers, a nine-band digital equalizer, Denon's innovative woofer design, and professional tuning, the Cocoon's iPhone dock speakers deliver a depth and clarity of sound that other iPhone docks can't touch.

The Denon Cocoon Offers More than Other iPhone Docks

Along with superior sound quality the Cocoon offers an array of features that set it apart from other iPhone docks:

  • The Cocoon iPhone dock supports not only iPhones but also a wide variety of other digital music systems. Unlike some iPhone docks, you can use the Cocoon with an iPod® or iPad® as well as Android and Windows smartphones. Integrated into your home WiFi network, the Cocoon supports wireless streaming from PCs or Macs as well as from smartphones and tablets. The free Cocoon app that you can download to your iPhone includes a media player that indexes digital audio from network-connected computers and NAS drives. The Cocoon also includes a USB port and auxiliary input to support other audio sources such as a portable CD player or USB thumb drive.
  • Despite its abundance of capabilities, the Cocoon is a piece of cake to set up. Denon's NetLink lets you integrate the Cocoon into your home WiFi network in seconds.
  • The Cocoon's styling is nothing like the typical, boxy iPhone docks. Sleek and spherical, in high-gloss black or high-gloss white, the Cocoon looks as great as it sounds.

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