iPhone Speaker Dock

What's even better than listening to music on your iPhone® with a set of headphones? Listening to music on a premium iPhone speaker dock so you can share the fun with family or friends. Denon's new Cocoon iPhone speaker dock fills your home with great-sounding music, and looks good doing it.

Cocoon: The Premium iPhone Speaker Dock for Home

Denon's new Cocoon offers everything you want in an iPhone docking station:

  • High fidelity sound quality. With 100 watts of system power, advanced digital signal processing, and two-way iPhone dock speakers with a Denon-exclusive woofer design and optimized cross-over, the Cocoon keeps up a long Denon tradition of making the best-sounding home audio systems on the market.
  • Contemporary styling. Seen those boxy iPhone docks that all look like they came from the same uninspired mold? That's not the Cocoon. The Cocoon iPhone dock is sleek, smooth, and spherical – harmony in design to complement harmony in sound.
  • Versatility. The Cocoon will do right by your iPhone, but it's also compatible with a wide variety of other players and music sources. Not only an iPhone speaker dock, the Cocoon also shines as an iPod® speaker dock or iPad® speaker dock. Have friends with Android or Windows phones? The Cocoon supports those too. And with support for WiFi, AirPlay, and DLNA, the Cocoon lets you stream music wirelessly to the dock from your smartphone, PC, or Mac.
  • Convenience. Setting up the Cocoon iPhone speaker dock is a cinch. The dock automatically integrates with your home WiFi network in a matter of seconds, and its controls are clear and intuitive. The Cocoon includes a convenient remote and there's also a free Cocoon smartphone app lets you use your iPhone as the remote controller for the speaker dock.

Cocoon Portable: The iPhone Speaker Dock for Wherever You Go

An iPhone speaker dock makes a great sound system for home or office. But what if you want an iPhone speak dock to take out to the park or beach, or to a dorm room? The Denon Cocoon Portable has the great sound and cool styling of the Cocoon Home, but it's built to travel. The Cocoon Portable is 25% smaller than the Cocoon Home, and has a carrying handle, a built-in 5 hour rechargeable battery, and a water-proof shell. Like the Cocoon Home iPhone speaker dock, the Cocoon Portable is available in high-gloss white or high-gloss black.

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