iPod Docking Station

The Cocoon iPod® docking station, new from Denon, is the best way to transform your iPod into a high performance home audio system. The Cocoon iPod dock delivers exceptional sound quality, iconic styling, and an array of features to add to your enjoyment of the system.

The Cocoon iPod Dock Station: Style Meets Substance

The first thing you'll notice about the Cocoon iPod speaker dock is its distinctive styling. Far removed from the typical boxy iPod docks, the Cocoon is spherical and smooth. Available in shimmering high-gloss white or black, the Cocoon iPod docking station has touch-sensitive inlaid control buttons and a retractable docking tray so that nothing disturbs the flow of its curves.

While the Cocoon immediately stands out for its styling, what you'll love best about this new iPod docking station from Denon is its high fidelity sound quality. Denon has long been a leader in the premium audio components market, and that audio engineering expertise is evident with the Cocoon iPod speaker system. With 100 watts of power, advanced digital signal processing, a dual speaker system with Denon's exclusive speaker cone technology, and a nine-band digital equalizer, the Cocoon iPod docking station delivers exceptionally clear sound performance at any volume.

The Cocoon iPod Docking Station: More Features, More Fun

The Cocoon is packed with advanced audio features to give you the best possible listening experience:

  • This high fidelity iPod docking station supports not only iPods but also other iOS devices including iPads and iPhones.
  • If friends or family members have Android or Windows smartphones, the Cocoon supports those too (a feature not always available with other iPod dock stations).
  • The Cocoon easily integrates with your home network so you can stream music to it from your computer or NAS device.
  • With the Cocoon's built-in support for WiFi, AirPlay, and DLNA, you can stream music to it wirelessly from any mobile device, or from a PC or Mac with iTunes installed.
  • The Cocoon iPod docking station includes built-in internet radio with up to three presets, so you can enjoy music from your Cocoon even with no other connected device.
  • If you want to take your iPod speakers on the go, there's also a portable version of the Cocoon that's smaller and lighter, with a built-in carrying handle, weather-proof exterior, and rechargeable battery.

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