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Shopping for iPod® docks? You've got quite a few to choose from these days. If it seems like most iPod docks are hard to tell apart, that's because they are – the same run-of-the-mill sound quality, the same cookie-cutter styling, the same limited capabilities. If you're looking for an iPod dock that stands out from the pack, you've found it: the new Cocoon iPod dock from Denon.

Bigger, Clearer Sound than Other iPod Docks

At Denon we have a century-long history of making stand-out quality audio equipment for the professional and home markets. The Cocoon iPod docking station is the latest entry in the Denon line of high fidelity home stereo systems. To give the Cocoon a bigger, clearer sound than conventional iPod docks, Denon engineered it with 100 watts of total system power, a two-way iPod speaker system (100mm woofers and 40mm tweeters) with optimized cross-over, advanced digital signal processing, and a nine-band digital equalizer that precisely balances low, mid, and high frequencies for exceptional performance and clarity even at high volume.

Better Styling than Other iPod Docks

Most iPod dock stations look the same: boxy and dull black. But the Cocoon isn't most iPod docks. We designed the Cocoon to please your eyes as well as your ears. As its name suggests, this Denon audio dock is cocoon-shaped, with naturally flowing curves and no harsh edges. To keep the dock's contours clean and smooth, the control buttons are inlaid and the docking tray retracts when not in use. While most iPod docks are non-descript at best, the Denon Cocoon is an aesthetically appealing addition to your living space or work space.

More Versatile than Other iPod Docks

You can do a lot more with a Cocoon than with most iPod speaker docks:

  • If you have other iOS devices, the Cocoon supports those as well – you can use the Cocoon as iPhone® or iPad® dock speakers, as well as with your iPod.
  • Unlike some iPod docks, the Cocoon also works with Android or Windows smartphones.
  • Unlike some iPod docks, the Cocoon supports WiFi, AirPlay, and DLNA, so you can easily integrate the dock into your home network and wirelessly stream music to the dock from your iPod Touch or iPad, from any major smartphone, or from PCs or Macs that have iTunes installed.
  • With iTunes on your PC or Mac, you can stream music to multiple Cocoons in different rooms simultaneously, for a home-wide premium audio system.
  • If you want high fidelity sound quality outdoors or on the road, Denon also makes a portable Cocoon that's 25% smaller than the home version of the Cocoon, with a built-in rechargeable battery, a carrying handle, and a rugged weather-proof exterior.

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