Available Services:

Find a Denon Service Center: Find Authorized Denon service centers offering in and out of warranty service on all models of Denon product purchased from one of our authorized Denon dealers.

Online Support & FAQ’s: Please try our Online Support system. You’ll quickly find answers to the most commonly asked questions and you can post your questions as well.

If you still require assistance in having your product serviced, please contact us at 201-762-6665 Option 2 then 2.


Attention Denon Professional Products Customers:

D&M Professional provides expedited in-warranty service at their Itasca, IL facility. Should your unit require warranty service, you may contact them at 630-741-0330 for assistance or contact them through their online support page.All professional "PMD" and "DN-Vxxx" models must be sent to the Itasca, IL repair facility. Regular out of warranty service can be provided by PanurgyOEM in Rockaway, N.J. our appointed factory service facility for most professional "DN" model products or you may use one of the Super Service Centers closest to you for your repair needs.

New Denon Extended Warranties:

Denon now offers extended warranties for our current model products and many of our last year’s model products directly from our website. You can find out about our extended warranty policies by visiting any of our product pages offering our extended warranties and clicking on the extended warranty length of service link you are interested in on the right-hand side of the page. Denon extended warranties offer additional protection and peace of mind for years of worry free service completely backed by Denon.

Third Party Extended Warranties:

Any extended warranty policy you may have purchased outside of our Denon website is from your store or a third party repair company and is not affiliated with any Denon warranty policies. Please check the terms and conditions of their extended warranty contracts for specific instructions on how to obtain service should a repair be needed. Denon has no control over these policies and assumes no responsibility for them.