HEOS Wireless Sound Quality

HEOS inherited 100 years of innovation.

If it makes sound, we make it.

We’ve built our name on unrelenting attention to innovative craftsmanship and quality, often being the first to deliver new audio innovations. Each HEOS system is passionately engineered in-house at Denon and composed of meticulously designed components that harmonize together and deliver the performance that music lovers crave and deserve.

HEOS Speakers Internal View


We have chosen to use MaxxAudio® by Waves, recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award®, in order to enhance the sound of the HEOS with the same professional sound technologies used in recording studios the world over. MaxxAudio® uses psychoacoustic science and technologies in order to provide intelligent volume control, multiband equalization, bass extension and spatial expansion for higher definition, deeper bass, crisper highs and an enveloping sound field.

Audiophile Grade Synchronization

Microseconds matter: To deliver a true audiophile listening experience with multiple HEOS players at once, each HEOS player must be synchronized to an extremely high degree. Based on years of meticulous research, HEOS delivers unparalleled synchronization performance within microseconds.


HEOS is the product of an obsession with audio and the love of music. Our in-house engineering team has worked together hand-selecting each critical component to play its part inside the unique beauty of our acclaimed designs.

100 years of
Sound Innovation