Audiophile Headphones

For an audiophile, the most salient point about Descartes, Kant, Sartre and the lot is that none of them experienced high fidelity headphones. If they had, they would have known what you know: that with your eyes closed and the right audiophile headphones on, being is music. It's not more complicated than that, and it doesn't need to be.

Audiophile Headphones and the Quest

>As an audiophile you also know that perfection in sound quality is not a static attainment but rather an ideal to be continually pursued. At Denon, we're fellow travelers: like you, the quest for perfect sound is in our DNA. For us, that quest has been ongoing for a century now, and along the way we've been fortunate to develop many technological innovations in sound reproduction quality and to earn a reputation as one of the world's leading makers of high-end home audio systems and high performance headphones. Today the quest for perfect sound has led us to create and make available to our fellow travelers the most acoustically pure audiophile headphones ever.

The New Audiophile Headphones from Denon

Available now, Denon's break-through line of audiophile headphones brings the holy grail of perfect sound within grasp. Dubbed our "Music Maniac" line – and really, how else to label the obsessiveness that you and we feel for music? – this audiophiles-only series includes two models of over the ear headphones and one model of in ear headphones.

Regardless of form factor, these high quality headphones deliver:

  • State-of-craft technologies to drive the fullest, clearest sound. Long a leader in sound reproduction technology, Denon pushes the envelope again with our Music Maniac audiophile headphones. For our over-ear Music Maniac models, that means 50mm Free Edge Nanofiber drivers; and with our top over-ear model, hand-carved Mahogany wood ear cups and 7-N oxygen-free copper cabling. For our in-ear headphones, it's dual balanced armature drivers, set in zinc die-cast housing.
  • Quiet comfort, to leave you alone with the music. You want the very best headphones. But when you have them on, you don't want to be aware of them – you want it to just be you and the music. From the optimal contouring and plush pads of our over-ear headphones, to the custom tips and tangle-free cabling of our in-ear models, Denon Music Maniac audiophile headphones are made to transport you to that musical place you want to go and then disappear into the background.

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