Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Bluetooth stereo headphones let you enjoy your favorite music without being tethered to your smartphone or media player. The easy wireless connectivity that Bluetooth stereo headphones provide is great when you want to move freely while listening to music – whether it's the simple movements of doing work while you travel or the full-on movement of working out at the gym.

While Bluetooth stereo headphones are becoming more widely available, to get the best wireless musical experience it's important to choose headphones that provide not just Bluetooth support but also superior sound quality and features that are just right for your lifestyle. Denon, known worldwide for our high fidelity audio components, now offers two lines of Bluetooth stereo headphones: one made for the multi-tasking business traveler, and one tailored to the fitness fanatic.

You Are Now Free to Move About the Cabin

For today's businessperson, travel is no longer just a way to get from one place to another – it's also a time to get some work done, or savor a few moments of relaxation. Denon's Globe Cruiser™ luxury earphones for travel are made specifically for the needs of the road warrior. These Bluetooth stereo headphones provide travel-friendly features such as:

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity to your smartphone or media player, so you can move freely in your seat or up and out of it
  • Noise reduction so you can hear your music and not the sounds around you (available in on-ear, noise-cancelling foldable headphones or in-ear, noise isolating headphones)
  • Cable connections for times during a flight when wireless connectivity isn't allowed
  • Convenient travel cases
  • Sophisticated styling suitable for the business traveler
  • A downloadable smartphone app that enhances your music and travel experience

Power Your Workout with Denon Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Whatever your preferred workout routine, there's no doubt that music makes it better. Denon's Exercise Freak™ Bluetooth stereo headphones pump up your workout without entangling you in cables. These great-sounding stereo Bluetooth headphones are ideal for sports and exercise, with features like:

  • Bluetooth wireless so you're free to perform your best without wires getting in the way
  • A super-lightweight and comfortable design so you feel the music and not the headphones
  • Sweat-proof earpieces and anti-microbial ear tips
  • A reflective neck band for added safety for when you're using your Exercise Freak Bluetooth headphones as earphones for running in the early morning or evening
  • A downloadable smartphone app packed with features for the music-loving fitness fanatic

Of course, you can enjoy your Globe Cruiser or Exercise Freak Bluetooth stereo headphones in ways other than travelling or working out. Either of these Bluetooth stereo headphones are ideal as wireless headphones for TV, or anytime you want great sound quality without the hassle of wires.

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