Earphones for Running

It's amazing how much more quickly the miles pass by when you listen to great music while you're running, hiking, or riding your bike. Your stride is longer and stronger, your breathing's more rhythmic, and you're struck by how great it feels to be fit and in motion. Denon's new earphones for running, bicycling, weightlifting, and even yoga were created to help you reach this music-driven version of an exercise high, each time you head out on the road, the trail, or to the gym.

Earphones for Running: Let the Music Inspire While You Perspire

At Denon, we're known for building some of the best-sounding home audio systems and high performance headphones in the world. Impressed with how zealous many of our friends and customers are about working out to music, we've taken all we know about great sound design and compressed it into our new Exercise Freak ultra-lightweight earphones for running, bicycling, weightlifting, and more. With an articulating in-ear design and an integrated amplifier, our Exercise Freak sport headphones deliver big, bold sound and heart-pounding bass.

If any music helps you perform better while you're running, can great-sounding music elevate you to a whole new level? Only one way to find out.

Denon Exercise Freak: The Best Earphones for Running

If hip-hop or club music is your thing, you need over the ear headphones that can bust serious bass. Denon Urban Raver™ high performance stereo headphones pack a bass-heavy punch with 50mm drivers, an integrated power amp, and tuning that ramps up the bottom end. Perfect for the DJ as well as the hip-hop or club music enthusiast, Urban Raver over the ear headphones deliver an unmatched combination of power and clarity. These high performance headphones also boast stand-out contemporary styling with a sculpted black frame and adjustable blue LEDs on the outside of the integrated control wheel.

Along with delivering superior sound quality to energize your workouts, Denon Exercise Freak earphones for running, bicycling, and more are chocked full of features aimed specifically at the runner's needs:

  • Super lightweight design and sleek contouring, for optimal aerodynamics
  • Bluetooth 3.0 wireless headphone connectivity to your smartphone or portable media player, so you're not bogged down with cords
  • Built-in air cushions on the ear buds, for comfort and ventilation
  • Smartphone remote controls built into the ear piece, for play/pause and volume control (and even for answering your phone using the built-in mic, if you want to)
  • Sweat-resistant, anti-microbial ear tips, with several sizes included so you can customize your headphones for running, bicycling, even yoga to get the perfect fit
  • Multiple colors to choose from, each with a reflector on the back band to provide added safety when you're using your earphones for running or walking on roads in the early morning or evening
  • An available Denon Sport app for Apple or Android, complete with GPS to map your routes and track your pace

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