Foldable Headphones

The right pair of foldable headphones gives you the best of both worlds – the powerful sound and comfort of over-ear headphones, but with the portability typically associated with earbuds. Denon's new Globe Cruiser™ foldable headphones combine premium sound, easy portability, and advanced features geared toward today's business traveler.

Denon's Great-Sounding Foldable Headphones

Denon designed our new foldable headphones to deliver the elusive combination of heavyweight sound and lightweight portability. Globe Cruiser folding headphones use an innovative over-ear/on-ear hybrid form factor that makes them substantially lighter than conventional over-ear headphones while still packing 40mm dynamic stereo drivers and a 5Hz to 37kHz frequency response range. With a two-axis earcup design that allows 360° articulation, Denon Globe Cruiser headphones fold flat into a carrying case about the size of an iPad®. For your convenience when using Globe Cruisers as travel headphones, the carrying case includes a karabiner for attaching to your briefcase or suitcase.

Foldable Headphones for the Road Warrior

Everything about Denon's new foldable headphones is designed to make life on the road better for today's multi-tasking business traveler:

  • Globe Cruiser foldable headphones are sound canceling headphones, with active noise control circuitry that detects and negates ambient noise like the drone of a plane's engines.
  • For best comfort and convenience, Globe Cruisers are stereo Bluetooth headphones, supporting wireless connectivity to an iPhone®, iPad®, or other Bluetooth-capable player. Through Bluetooth, you not only get wireless music transmission – you also get wireless control of your device through the remote controls and microphones built into the Globe Cruiser earpieces.
  • These lightweight foldable headphones feature Memory Foam ear pads encased in soft protein leather, for comfortable listening on even the longest journeys.
  • Globe Cruisers come with a 10-hour rechargeable battery and also support passive mode listening (without active sound cancellation) in the event that the battery runs down. They also include a cable for those brief times when the flight attendants ask passengers not to use wireless devices.
  • The Denon Travel smartphone app lets you set custom playlists and EQ curves, enjoy TuneIn® internet radio with more than 50,000 stations worldwide, and access popular travel apps all from one convenient starting screen.

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