Folding Headphones

In the days of yore, music lovers on the road faced a dilemma when it came to choosing headphones for travel. Over the ear headphones were comfy and sounded good, but were often so bulky and rigid that it wasn't clear whether they should be brought on the plane or checked in as luggage. There was the alternative of in ear headphones – but for some people in-ear designs are too penetrating, as if they're burrowing into your head.

Fortunately, through the miracle of folding, the dilemma has been resolved. At Denon, to design our new Globe Cruiser™ folding headphones we assembled some of the world's leading folding experts – from holders of advanced degrees in the Folding Sciences, to some of the Far East's most revered origami masters.

Actually, it wasn't quite that complicated. But our Globe Cruiser folding headphones have a nifty design that enables them to fold flat into an iPad®-sized carrying case, while still delivering on-ear comfort and power.

Folding Headphones with Exceptional Denon Sound

At Denon, our century-long pursuit of perfection in sound quality has built us a reputation for making some of the world's best high fidelity audio components. That passion for great sound comes through loud and clear in our Globe Cruiser foldable headphones, with 40mm dynamic drivers and a wide frequency range gives your favorite music plenty of leg room. And to make sure that outside noise doesn't disturb your enjoyment of your great-sounding folding headphones, Globe Cruisers include active noise canceling circuitry that detects and negates external noise such as plane engines or overly chatty passengers.

Denon Folding Headphones, Built for the Road

Folding headphones are meant for the road, and everything about Denon Globe Cruiser folding headphones is road-ready:

  • Want comfortable headphones for that long flight? Globe Cruisers' novel over-ear/on-ear hybrid design makes them lighter than conventional over-ear headphones; and their Memory Foam ear pads encased in protein leather rest softly against your ears.
  • Whether you're in your seat or moving about the cabin, you don't want to be entangled in wires. Denon Globe Cruisers support Bluetooth wireless connectivity to your iPhone® or other Bluetooth device, freeing you of dangling, tangling cables.
  • These great-sounding wireless stereo headphones include a long-lasting rechargeable battery and also work in passive mode (without active noise canceling) in case you've forgotten to recharge and the battery eventually runs down.
  • The downloadable Denon Travel smartphone app (available for Droid as well as iPhone) helps you idle away your travel time with customizable playlists, a digital equalizer so you can fine tune your music so it sounds exactly the way you want, internet radio with over 50,000 stations, and one-stop access to lots of popular travel apps.

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