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There's a variety of characteristics that you can take into account when deciding which head phones to buy, but the most important by far are sound quality and comfort. Fortunately for headphone shoppers, the best-sounding brand of head phones on the market is also the most comfortable.

Denon Head Phones: Feel the Music...

For more than a century, Denon has pushed the envelope of sound reproduction technology while producing some of the world's finest home audio systems. That heritage of technological innovation and exceptional craftsmanship is evident in our new line of premium head phones. Denon head phones bring your favorite music to life more fully and vibrantly than you've ever heard before, while offering sound performance features tailored to your individual listening style:

  • Denon Globe Cruiser™ luxury travel head phones are designed to block out ambient noises so you can be alone with the music even when you're in a crowd. These noise reducing headphones are available in on-ear and in-ear models that both negate noise far more effectively than noise cancelling earbuds.
  • Denon Exercise Freak™ sport head phones deliver a powerful, workout-energizing sound from a super lightweight design.
  • Denon Urban Raver™ performance head phones are optimized for bass-heavy genres like hip-hop or techno. Be warned: these high-powered ear phones pack a punch that will buckle your knees.
  • Denon Music Maniac™ high definition head phones use state-of-art driver technology and perfect acoustic design to deliver pristine sound that will make even the most discriminating audiophile grin from ear-to-ear.

... Not the Head Phones

To feel the music deeply, to really lose yourself in it, you've got to be oblivious to your head phones. For that to happen your head phones have got to be supremely comfortable. At Denon we recognize that great-sounding headphones can only be truly great if they're also comfortable headphones. That's why all our over-ear models have rotatable ear cups, memory foam ear pads, and adjustable headbands. And that's why our in-ear models come with multiple types and sizes of ear tips, so you can get the perfect fit for your ears. And to make your head phones even more "invisible" while you enjoy your music, our travel head phones and fitness head phones both support Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless connectivity, so you won't have any cables draping over you as you move.

All Denon head phones are compatible with major smartphone platforms and portable media players as well as home audio systems. Ideal for use as iPhone headphones® or headphones for iPod® or Ipad®, you can also enjoy them with Android® phones and other popular phones and players.

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