Headphones for Phones

Over the ear headphones appeal to music lovers for their sound quality and comfort. A high quality pair of over the ear headphones – also known as circumaural headphones – can deliver a bigger, more full-bodied sound than typical in-ear headphones; and many music enthusiasts prefer the roomy padded comfort of over the headphones to the more intrusive in-ear styles.

Today's phones bear little resemblance to the phones of the past. No longer used only or even primarily for having conversations, today's phones have morphed into mobile personal entertainment centers. One of the few things smartphones can't do on their own is provide great sound quality for music and videos. For that you need to pair your smartphone with some high quality headphones for phones. Denon, one of the world's leading makers of high fidelity audio components, now offers a line of premium headphones for phones that bring out the best sound quality from iPhones, Android-based phones, and other types of smartphones.

Denon Headphones for Phones: Go Wireless, Get Moving

If you'll often be on the go when you use your headphones for phones, Denon offers several Bluetooth® wireless connectivity headphones so you can move freely without any cables. With Denon's wireless headphones for phone you can listen to music wirelessly and also wirelessly control your phone's music player (using remote controls built into the earphones) and have conversations (using the built-in microphone).

Denon's Bluetooth wireless headphones for cell phones are available in different styles so you can choose the pair that's best for your life and your listening habits:

  • Denon's noise reducing Globe Cruiser™ headphones for phones are designed for the busy traveler who wants a semblance of solitude so he or she can work or relax while on the plane or train. Available in over-ear or in-ear models, Globe Cruiser phone headphones offer sophisticated styling to go along with wireless connectivity and exceptionally effective noise reduction.
  • Denon's Exercise Freak™ headphones for phone are built to energize your run, your cycle, or your session at the gym. Lightweight, wireless, sweat-proof, and available in several colors, these great-sounding headphones for cell phone make the perfect workout companion.

Denon Headphones for Phones: Peak Performance for the Music-Crazed

If wireless connectivity isn't a requirement for you but exceptional sound performance is, Denon's Music Maniac™ or Urban Raver™ headphones may be just what you're looking for. Music Maniac headphones are crafted specially for the audiophile, providing flawless, acoustically pure reproduction of the source recording. Urban Raver headphones are built for lovers of hip-hop or club music, and deliver a hugely powerful sound punctuated by bone-jarring bass.

When you're using any of Denon's earphones for iPhone or earphones for Android, you can download a Denon sound app with lots of cool features tailored to the headphone model you chose. Denon's Travel app, Sport app, Club app, and Audio app are available from the App Store or Google Play.

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