High Quality Headphones

For the true music lover, run-of-the-mill headphones won't do. Not when you know that the right pair of high quality headphones will bring out the best in your favorite music, and last you for years.

How to Find High Quality Headphones

Here's a few tips to help you find a pair of high quality headphones that are just right for you:

  • Pay close attention to who the manufacturer is. These days, with the exploding market for iPod® headphones and iPhone® headphones, everybody and their uncle has jumped into the headphone game, thinking that all it takes is a celebrity endorsement to sell the product. Look for a manufacturer who's been around the block a few times and knows audio technology inside-out.
  • If you aren't already, get familiar with the basic performance specs like frequency response and sensitivity. Specs aren't everything, but they do provide a concrete way to compare different audio headphones.
  • While sound quality and durability are the key things to look for in high quality headphones, comfort-related features (such as the ear pads on over-ear models or the ear tips on in-ear models) aren't far behind. Look for comfortable headphones you can listen to for a long time, without irritation or fatigue.
  • Keep in mind that what constitutes high quality headphones for you will depend in part on your individual lifestyle and listening habits. Look for headphones that are perfectly suited to how you'll most often use them.

High Quality Headphones from Denon, the Audio Experts

Denon's new premium headphone line is a great place to find high quality headphones tailored to your individual listening needs:

  • Denon is one of the world's most experienced and skilled makers of high fidelity audio equipment. For more than a century we've been pioneers in advancing the performance and reliability of audio components for professional and personal listening.
  • The specs for our stereo headphones are among the best in the industry. Denon's precision-crafted high quality headphones consistently provide superior performance, regardless of the form factor.
  • Denon believes that you should feel the music and not the headphones. That's why our high quality headphones are built for personal comfort, with features such as our patent-pending pentagonally-shaped memory foam ear pads for our over-ear models, and the multiple types and sizes of ear tips that we provide with our in-ear models.
  • Since different music lovers have different ways of enjoying their music, Denon offers a wide variety of styles of high quality headphones. Available in over-ear and in-ear form factors, Denon makes different headphone models tailored specifically to the audiophile who wants pure, natural sound quality; to the DJ or clubber who love bass-heavy genres like hip-hop and techno; and to the business traveler who wants wireless, noise reducing headphones for the plane or train. We also make lightweight, in-ear wireless workout headphones perfectly suited to the fitness fanatic.

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