Noise Reduction Headphones

Whether on travel or at home, there are times when you need to block out noise so you can focus or relax. Noise reduction headphones provide the twin pleasures of quieting noise while submerging yourself in your favorite music.

When looking for noise reduction headphones, there are two basic styles to choose from:

  • Sound canceling headphones fit on your ears, and work their noise reduction magic by identifying sound waves from external noise and creating inverse sound waves that cancel out the external noise.
  • Sound isolating headphones fit snugly in your ears (or more specifically, in your outer ear canals), and accomplish noise reduction by sealing off your hearing from external disturbances in much the same way as ear plugs.

Both styles of noise reduction headphones have their appeals, and which you prefer may come down to personal preferences around comfort, sound, and price. Happily for lovers of high fidelity sound, Denon offers both styles of noise reduction headphones.

Noise Reduction Headphones – Denon Noise Cancellation

Denon's new Globe Cruiser™ line of noise reduction headphones includes noise cancelling earphones and noise isolating styles. Denon Global Cruiser noise cancelling headphones feature the spacious, acoustically pure sound that Denon is known for, as well as:

  • The most advanced active noise control technology
  • Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless connectivity and aptX codec support, for CD quality sound from a wireless connection to an iPhone®, iPad®, or other Bluetooth-capable player
  • Play/pause and volume controls as well dual microphones, all built into the earpieces so you can remotely control and talk into your Bluetooth-capable smartphone
  • Portability and comfort from an innovative on-ear hybrid design that makes Globe Cruiser noise cancelling headphones noticeably lighter than conventional over the ear headphones

Noise Reduction Headphones – Denon Noise Isolation

Denon Globe Cruiser in-ear noise isolation headphones deliver Denon-quality sound from an ultra-light form factor. With this style of Denon noise reduction headphones you also get:

  • A selection of Comply™ Foam ear tips and four sizes of silicon ear tips, so you can get the perfect fit that's essential to this type of noise reduction headphones
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity and aptX codec support for crystal clear wireless sound
  • Integrated mini-controls and microphone built into the earpieces, so you can control or talk into your Bluetooth-support smartphone

Either style of Globe Cruisers is perfect for travel headphones; enveloping you in a sound-proof musical cocoon as you move from place to place. Further enhance your experience on the road with Denon's Travel app for smartphones; where you can create playlists, fine tune your EQ settings, and have one-stop access to your most frequently used travel apps.

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