Professional Headphones

When music is your business, you need professional headphones with stand-out specs, rock-solid reliability, and most importantly, stellar sound. At Denon we share your professional passion for exceptional sound quality. The obsessive pursuit of perfect sound reproduction has for more than 100 years driven Denon to produce countless technological innovations and some of the world's finest high fidelity audio components. Our latest creation is two lines of professional headphones, one engineered for exquisitely pure sound reproduction and one built specially for bass-heavy genres like hip-hop and techno.

Professional Headphones for Acoustic Purity

Denon Music Maniac™ professional headphones are precision-crafted for the studio pro who wants perfectly transparent, faithful reproduction of the original sound source. The Music Maniac line of over-ear HD headphones are pro caliber in every detail, including:

  • Denon's exclusive 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber drivers, for headphone performance comparable to that of high end box loudspeakers
  • Innovative pentagon-shaped memory foam ear pads for optimum acoustics and comfort
  • Perfectly flat EQ tuning, for faithful reproduction of the sound source
  • Detachable oxygen-free copper (OFC) cabling

Our top-of-line Music Maniac audiophile headphones model, the Artisan, also features:

  • African mahogany wood ear cups, for superlative sound quality
  • 7N-OFC (99.99999% oxygen-free copper) cabling
  • Exceptional 5Hz to 45kHz frequency response with 110dB/mW sensitivity

If you sometimes use your Denon professional headphones as headphones for iPhone® or Android®, you can download the Denon Audio smartphone app to create and save 100-band EQ curves.

Professional Headphones that Kick the Bass

When you're mixing hip-hop tracks or DJing at the club, you need professional headphones that can really bring the bass without sacrificing sound clarity. Denon Urban Raver™ over-ear professional headphones are engineered to deliver both power and precision like no other 'phones on the market:

  • With 50mm drivers, an integrated power amp, and bass-heavy tuning, Urban Raver stereo headphones pack a punch that will rattle your skull and buckle your knees.
  • With ultra-comfortable memory foam ear pads and a built-in 12-hour rechargeable battery (to power the amp), Urban Raver headphones are ready for long sessions that don't break until dawn. (And even if the battery does run out, you can still use the 'phones without the amp.)
  • Urban Ravers come on strong with the styling too, with adjustable blue LED-lit control wheels set against the outside of the sculpted black ear pieces.

When using your Urban Ravers as headphones for Android or iPhone, you can download the Denon Club app to create and share EQ curves or tune in to internet radio.

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